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Fly Racing

Keeping your head during an accident can definitely make a difference in how badly you are damaged but also having your head protected is what can make the difference between life and death. That is where Fly Racing has you covered on your next ride in your Polaris Ranger.

Research and years of trial and error have given the team at Fyl Racing the confidence to say that the helmets they make are the best in the industry. Engineered by a team of globally - respected doctors, engineers, scientists and designers, these helmets have undergone rigorous testing.

During their journey toward ensuring that you the rider have the best protection to match and to withstand the dangers that present themselves while off-road, the team at Fly Racing performed high speed linear impacts and also explored new discoveries that low speed impacts can also cause brain injury.

With the goal at Fly Racing being to present only the best to their customers their primary goal during the creation of these helmets was to create the Fly Formula Helmet which would feature a highly advanced energy management system. This system is meant to reduce the impact energy that is transferred to the brain during an accident and was tested using a wide range of real world impact scenarios.

After all of the testing, The Formula helmet by Fly Racing emerged a technically superior helmet. It outranks its competition and meets the ECE 22.05 standards and rotational impact tests. This is what a high-quality and high performance helmet looks like. It is the perfect companion on your next adventure in your Polaris Ranger.

Dedication to quality is the priority, with innovation ever present, Fly Racing are the go to helmet providers. They are invested in giving the best and in being the best.

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