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Lift Kits

The Polaris Ranger is an all-terrain, rugged vehicle that can handle rough terrain that most other motor vehicles cannot. Whether you are using the Ranger XP 1000, the Ranger 1000, or the Ranger 580, adding a high-quality lift kit can be greatly advantageous. A variety of lift kits are available, including Polaris Ranger lift springs, lift kits with arms, portal gear lifts, and bracket lifts. Depending on your needs and preferences, the lift kit can raise your Polaris Ranger 2 to 4 inches or up to 8 additional inches of clearance. By ordering your lift kit today, you can upgrade your Polaris Ranger to an even higher level of functionality.

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If you're a Polaris Ranger owner, you might want to invest in a lift kit to improve your vehicle's off-road capabilities and overall performance. Before you make such a purchase, there are several things to consider.

One of the primary factors to think about when choosing a Polaris Ranger lift kit is the type of lift kit that you want. There are several options available, including suspension lift kits, portal lift kits, body lift kits, and combination lift kits.

Suspension lift kits are designed to raise the suspension system of your Polaris Ranger, providing additional clearance for larger tires and improved ground clearance. These kits can give you anywhere from 1 inch to 6 inches of lift and are available in both bolt-on and weld-on designs.

Portal lift kits, on the other hand, use gears in the hub of the wheels to provide additional clearance, making them ideal for extreme off-road applications. They can provide up to 8 inches of additional ground clearance and often come with lift brackets, sway bar extensions, and steering extensions.

If you prefer the traditional approach, a body lift kit raises the body off of the frame, providing additional clearance for larger tires. These kits typically provide 1-3 inches of lift and are less expensive than suspension lift kits.

Finally, combination lift kits combine both suspension and body lift components to provide the benefits of both, but they are the most expensive. These kits can provide up to 8 inches of lift and are ideal for extreme Polaris Ranger off-road use.

Lift kits offer several benefits, including increased ground clearance, the ability to mount larger tires, better visibility, and improved off-road handling and comfort. However, there are also drawbacks to consider, such as lack of stability at higher speeds, possible drivetrain strain, legal restrictions, more maintenance, and voiding your warranty.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a Polaris Ranger lift kit is whether you want a shock spacer or bracket lift kit. Shock spacer lift kits are designed to provide additional lift by spacing the existing shock absorbers downward, while bracket lift kits use brackets to relocate the shock absorbers and provide additional lift.

Bracket lift kits generally provide better ride quality than shock spacer lift kits, as they allow for a more natural suspension travel and improved shock absorption. This makes them ideal for casual off-roaders. However, shock spacer lift kits tend to be less expensive and easier to install. They are also suitable for those who want to save some money on their Polaris Ranger lift kit.

In conclusion, choosing the right Polaris Ranger lift kit involves understanding the different kit types available, their benefits and drawbacks, and whether you want a shock spacer or bracket lift kit. With the right lift kit, you can improve your Polaris Ranger's performance and take your off-road experience to the next level.