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Gain ground clearance with a lifted Polaris Ranger! Avoid scraping the underside of your chassis, and fly over obstacles without an ounce of hesitation with a Polaris Ranger Full-Size lift kit from Everything Polaris Ranger! We carry nothing but the best Polaris Ranger 570 Full-Size lift kits on the market, giving riders the option to choose between Polaris Ranger Full-Size bracket lifts, Polaris Ranger Full-Size portal lifts, and Polaris Ranger Full-Size suspension lifts!

Visit our dedicated Full-size Ranger Portal Gear Lift category for a full selection of Portal Gear Lifts!

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Turn heads when you roll past in a jacked up Full-size Polaris Ranger! If you think chicks dig muscle cars, just wait until they see you rolling down the trails in a maxed out Full-size Polaris Ranger jacked all the way up! You'll be the star float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade when you install a huge set of wheels and lift kit on your side by side. Pick one up from Everything Polaris Ranger! Durable and easy to install, our lift kits are tough to beat! It's time to take your side by side to the next level by installing a lift kit from us! We're confident you won't regret it!

Give your Full-size Polaris Ranger the lift kit that you need to take on the harsh terrain that you want to on your next adventure. The Polaris Ranger Lift Kit gives you the opportunity to not only venture out onto insanely rugged terrain, but it will also allow you to add larger wheels and tires to your UTV as well as prevent your machine from bottoming out on those unforgiving trials. By installing a lift kit to your Full Size Polaris Ranger, you can stop shying away from those challenging trails you haven’t had the nerve to take on yet.

Whether you want a big lift or a standard lift, SuperATV, and HighLifter offer you different heights of lift. We offer you side by side lift kits that are powder coated so that they will be protected from the elements. A Lifted Polaris Ranger offers you and your machine the freedom to run through mud holes without hesitation. Want ground clearance without having to sacrifice reliability or without having to change out your stock suspension or alter it? This is something that we understand. Get the Polaris Ranger Aftermarket Accessories that will change the way you ride from here on out.

The best Full Size Polaris Ranger lift kits are within your reach, and we offer you parts that not only meet industry standards but are used by professional racers as well. When it comes to Polaris Ranger Accessories, we understand being picky or rather selective about what you are choosing to add to your machine. A Lift Kit is a major decision, but we have all the information ready and waiting to answer any questions that you do have. UTV Accessories are what we specialize in. You can trust and believe that we stock only the best because we want our customers to have only the best parts for their UTVs. There are so many types of lift kit for you to choose from such as shock spacer lifts, bracket lifts, big lift kits which are 5+ inches, and portal gear lifts. Picking the one that meets your needs can be daunting. There are many factors in choosing a lift kit one of the first to really consider is if you are doing the installation yourself and then the next is what the purpose is of the clearance that you are looking for. Make an informed choice. We are here for you.

Let us lift you to the heights that you have wanted to reach. Let us make the trips that you have only dreamt of taking a reality and let us do it in style! Choose from the lift kit options that you find here to give your machine the clearance that it needs to tackle the more rugged terrain and also to be able to prepare your machine for the larger wheels and tires that you have wanted for some time as well. These lift kits are ridiculously strong and are made by the brands that you know and love. If you are not familiar with these brands, they include SuperATV, HighLifter Dragonfire, and Power Sports, to name a few. These are brands that are trusted by both recreational riders as well as professional riders across the world. Choose only the best for your machine. These lift kits come ready to install for the Ranger XP 1000, the Ranger 570 Full Size and the Ranger 1000. Make an investment in your Full Size Polaris Ranger that you won’t regret. Pull the trigger on a UTV lift kit to get the extra ground clearance you’ve been missing today!

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