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Everything Polaris Ranger offers a wide range of roof options for your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size. Upgrade from a plastic roof to a metal roof, or choose a poly roof with built-in grooves for waterflow, a plexi roof for natural in-cab light, or a soft roof/sun shade to protect you, your passengers, and your in-cab instruments from the sun's hot rays. Whether you're looking for added functionality or simply a change in style, Everything Polaris Ranger has a roof option to meet your needs. So, if you're ready to finally add that Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roof you've had your eye on, or want to upgrade to a more durable material, browse Everything Polaris Ranger's selection of Polaris Ranger Mid-Size roofs today!

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Everything Polaris Ranger offers a variety of high-quality hard roofs for the cab of your Mid-size Polaris Ranger. Protect yourself and your riders from the sun's harmful rays, pouring rains, or other overhead debris by investing in a hard roof. With a wide selection of roofs from well-known side by side brands, like Extreme Metal Products, SuperATV, and Kolpin Powersports, you're sure to find one that fits your needs.

Aside from protection, a hard top roof also adds style and safety to your machine. Everything Polaris Ranger has a variety of roofs made from heavy-duty metal (aluminum, steel, etc.) and hard poly or plastic options. Installing a Polaris Ranger roof is also useful for extreme heat conditions when the sun is shining too brightly. It can give you the much-needed shade to make your ride more comfortable.

Investing in a Polaris Ranger roof is a serious decision. You need one that will stand by you through thick and thin, protect you through any weather condition, and keep you safe from projectiles, mud, and low-hanging branches. You can choose between a soft top or a hard cover, but whichever you choose, you can be sure that the roof you find at Everything Polaris Ranger is of the highest quality.

The Polaris Ranger Metal Roof is one of the strongest roofs available in the market. Typically made of high-quality aluminum or steel, it can withstand any weather condition. Meanwhile, the Polaris Ranger Hard Top Roof is a side-by-side accessory that provides excellent functionality without adding too much weight to your vehicle. Made from plastic or hard poly, it remains lightweight while being durable.

Everything Polaris Ranger offers various types of roofs from famous brands such as Kolpin, EMP, and SuperATV. If you're not sure which type of roof is best for you, you can always contact their agents to help you make an informed decision.

Having a Polaris Ranger roof not only keeps you and your passengers safe from the weather, but it also adds a unique style to your ride. And with Everything Polaris Ranger's selection of high-quality hard tops, you can guarantee that you're getting the best product for your machine. Choose the roof that will protect you through thick and thin and enjoy your ride in comfort and safety.