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Provide effective, durable coverage for the cab of your Mid-size Polaris Ranger with a high-quality, hard roof from Everything Polaris Ranger! Protect yourself and your riders from the sun's harmful rays, pouring rains, or other overhead debris by picking up a hard roof for your Mid-size Polaris Ranger. We've got quite a selection of sturdy roofs for you to choose from! Ride in comfort with a hard top from well-known side by side brands, like Extreme Metal Products, SuperATV, Kolpin Powersports, and many others!

24 products


24 products

Add style and safety to your machine with a hard top roof from Everything Polaris Ranger today! You'll find just the right side by side hard top for your needs right here. We've got products of the finest quality from UTV brands you've grown to trust. If you're on the hunt for a brand new roof or other aftermarket accessory for your machine, look no further than the sturdy, stylish selection of Mid-size Polaris Ranger Hard Roofs offered by us! Featuring heavy-duty metal roofs (aluminum, steel, etc.) and hard poly or plastic options, we've got you covered! Choose one of our high-quality hard tops to outfit your Mid-size Polaris Ranger 500 or Polaris Ranger 570 the right way, right now!

It takes no time for the weather to change, and while you are enjoying the sun, to your surprise, it could start raining anytime. In order to keep yourself as well as your vehicle’s interior safe and dry from the weather outside, it would be a great idea if you invest in a Polaris Ranger Roof. You will be able to get the amazing functionality while making your ride look unique from the rest of your side by side riding buddies.

This Polaris Ranger Accessory not only helps you when it is raining or snowing but it also saves from extreme heat conditions when the sun is shining brightly by giving you much-needed shadow. By adding this UTV Accessory to your RZR you will be able to work or ride no matter what the weather condition outside is. Stop letting the weather control you or your riding experience and get the most out of your vehicle by installing a Polaris Ranger Top. There are many options for you to consider when you decide to get a roof for your ride and we have some of the best products in this regard. We have several types of roofs available in our inventory and just like all other Polaris Ranger Aftermarket Accessories we have only the best brands on our board. In our inventory, you will find high-quality Polaris Ranger Tops from famous brands such as Kolpin, Powersports, Metal Products and SuperATV. These brands are famous in the riding circles for the high-quality accessories that they are producing.

This Polaris Ranger Aftermarket Accessory is available in different materials and if you want more information regarding what kind of material will be suitable for your use you can contact our agents anytime. The Polaris Ranger Metal Roof, as the name suggests is made of metal usually high-quality aluminum or steel and it is one of the strongest roofs available in the market. Polaris Ranger Hard Top Roof is a side to side accessory that gives you amazing functionality without adding a lot of weight to the vehicle. This roof is usually made from plastic or hard poly to make sure that the product remains lightweight.

The roof that you choose today will protect you, your passengers and the cab of your UTV tomorrow. This is a serious decision people! Choose the roof that will stand by you through thick and thin, that will protect you through, rain, snow, sleet, projectiles, mud and low hanging branches. When you add your roof to your 2020 Ranger 500, you should feel a sense of safety that you did not before. Whether you go for a soft top or a hard cover is up to you, but one thing is certain, the roof that you find here will not let you down. It will keep you dry, provide you with shade on a hot day and deflect the sun’s harmful UV rays. The roof that you choose will seem to have been made for your 2020 Ranger 570 or 2020 Ranger EV and that’s what a good roof is supposed to do. You have all of your options in front of you. Whatever your choice, every roof you find here is of the highest quality!

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