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Gear up your Polaris General UTV with a hard roof from Everything Polaris Ranger! We've got just the UTV accessory you've been looking for to add style and protection for yourself and your passengers -- a hard top UTV roof from Everything Polaris Ranger! You'll be shielded from the rain, snow and other overhead debris out on the trails, and shaded from the scorching sun's harmful rays! Take a look at our wide inventory of hard top side by side roofs to choose from. We're confident you'll discover a hard top or other roof-related aftermarket accessory that's perfect for your riding needs! Help control the comfort of your cab while riding in your Polaris General UTV by adding a high-quality hardtop roof. You'll find all the top tier side by side brands right here, like SuperATV and Extreme Metal Products!


Install a reliable, durable UTV hard top to your Polaris General today! As a Polaris General rider, you won't be disappointed by the comfort and protection mounting up a hard roof to your machine will provide. Arguably the most important accessory you could install on your side by side, a Polaris General hard roof is sure to give you the attractive look other riders will be envious of and the protection you'll be grateful to have should a storm ever pop up out on the trails. Look no further than Everything Polaris Ranger for a new hard side by side roof for your General UTV -- we have all kinds of heavy-duty metal roofs (aluminum, steel, etc.) and hard poly or plastic options as well! We've got hard roofs for 2016 Polaris General, 2017 Polaris General and more! Pick one up for your machine today!

We know you love the sun but don’t let the harmful UVA/UVB rays stop your riding days early. Get protection for all of the passengers in your UTV with roofs from Everything Polaris Ranger. The sun, rain, and snow will be no deterrent to the fun you have in your 2020 Polaris General. Customize your rig with a practical and stylish roof like the Aluminum Roof with Sunroof by Moto Armor for your 2020 Polaris General 1000 or a Tinted Roof by SuperATV for your 2020 Polaris General 4 1000. Whether you prefer a Soft Top, Cooter Brown Top or Hard Roof for your side by side, you can find durable and affordable options here.  Available in a wide range of colors and styles to compliment your machine, our roofs are guaranteed to fit perfectly every time. Get high-quality roofing options from the brands you know and love at Everything Polaris Ranger.

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