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Everything Polaris Ranger - Blog

  • Street Legal ATVs / UTVs: Regulations in your State

    Have fun and be safe at the same time! Make sure you’re up-to-snuff on the ATV/UTV regulations in your home state.

    If you’re unsure, check out the following sites for more information. Keep in mind, it’s always best to wear protective gear and operate your ATV/UTV safely. Be sure to pay attention to the lingo used to describe ATV/UTV use. Many sites will refer to ATVs and UTVs as off-road vehicles (ORV) or off-highway vehicles (OHV). Continue reading

  • Planning your Plot: Kolpin DirtWorks vs. The Plotmaster

    Farming your very own plot of land can be a time-consuming but rewarding process. Why go to the supermarket for day-old produce when you can have fresh-from-the-ground fruits and veggies? All the same, having the right tools at hand will improve your experience and increase your results. Most people may think you need specialized farm equipment to grow your own garden, but what you might not realize is you can foster a large plot of land—with only your UTV and some towable equipment. Never mind a green thumb. Continue reading

  • 10 Polaris Ranger Gift Ideas for the Rider on your list!

    Turkey Day is long gone! So, that means it’s time to make sure you've found the perfect holiday gift for the Polaris Ranger lover on your list! Choosing that unforgettable present can be hard to do, so we asked our team here at EverythingPolarisRanger to put together a list of awesome accessories the Polaris Ranger rider in your life is sure to love! Regardless of your budget, we’ve got the gear to make their holiday merry and bright! Continue reading

  • Polaris Ranger Cab Systems - Soft vs. Hard Polaris Cab Enclosures

    Polaris Ranger Cab Systems make staying nice and cozy-warm in winter, a cinch! Once you invest in a Polaris cab enclosure, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

    The wintry weather is right around the corner, and we've got you covered here at with just the right accessory to help battle the chill of icy winds during both work and play. A full or partial Polaris cab enclosure is designed to help keep heat in, while keeping frozen winds and snow at bay!

    Continue reading

  • 4 Must-Have Hunting Accessories for Your Polaris Ranger UTV

    The air is getting cooler, the hours in the day spent riding your Polaris Ranger UTV are growing shorter. Geese trumpet overhead and the velvet of antlered deer and elk falls signaling the return for some of their favorite time of year: HUNTING SEASON! We’re just as excited as you are for this year’s upcoming hunts, and have put together a list of 4 MUST HAVE hunting accessories for your Polaris Ranger UTV! Whether you hunt white-tailed deer with your rifle, hogs with a crossbow or stalk elk with a compound bow in hand, these UTV hunting accessories will you help safely and securing transport your weapons in the field.

    Continue reading

  • Try Polaris' Awesome New RIDE COMMAND Mobile App

    We love this new RIDE COMMAND app by Polaris® Industries. It allows you to make your off-roading experience a truly social event. Plan rides, check the weather, coordinate with friends, and share the experience from virtually anywhere you can take your UTV. (Well, as long as there is a cell tower with-in range). Polaris continues to revolutionize the off-road experience with this latest app.

    Continue reading

  • Bennett Morgan, President and COO, Retires from Polaris

    Announced on May 16th, Bennett Morgan, President, and Chief Operating Officer has retired after 29 years with Polaris Industries.

    Morgan joined the company in 1987 and quickly began taking on increasing roles and responsibilities, including leading Polaris business units. In 2005, he was promoted to his current role where he has led Polaris Industies Inc. as President and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

    Continue reading

  • Ranger XP 900 EPS Won 2015 "Reader's Choice" Award

    The Ranger XP 900 EPS was selected by Game & Fish/Sportsman’s readers for a “Reader’s Choice Award” in the side-by-side category.

    Polaris Ranger XP 900 EPS wins again

    Particularly within the hunting industry, the Polaris Ranger XP 900 EPS has won several awards since it was introduced in 2013. The Polaris Ranger XP 900 EPS took a whopping 50 percent of the "Readers Choice Awards" votes in the side-by-side category.

    Continue reading

  • Everything Polaris Ranger Has Officially Launched

    We are excited to OFFICIALLY announce the launch of Everything Polaris Ranger. This website has been in a "soft launch" stage since late fall. Today, however, we officially launched the site. Now the truly fun part begins as we promote the site to help spread the news. You can help!

    Continue reading

  • How To Use a 4 or 5 Point Harness in 2015 Polaris Models

    Safety features are great but as of 2015 you may run into an issue if you try to upgrade the stock lap belts to a more advanced 4 or 5 point harness restraint system. New for 2015, all Polaris models have a lap belt safety switch which interrupts the ignition when belts aren't buckled. When the safety feature is engaged, your Ranger will be limited to 5mph. This is great for stock seat belts, but not so great for aftermarket 5 point harnesses. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for this and it's relatively inexpensive to implement.

    Continue reading

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