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By offering both Polaris Ranger Mid-Size lift kits as well as Polaris Ranger Mid-Size lift kit reviews, Everything Polaris Ranger is perfectly positioned to assist any Ranger owner with any riding endeavour. Whether you’re after a Polaris Ranger 570 Mid-Size portal lift for deep mud riding, a Polaris Ranger 500 Mid-Size bracket lift for hunting, or a Polaris Ranger 800 Mid-Size suspension lift for unmatched performance on the trails, you’ll find all kinds of Polaris Ranger Mid-Size lift kits for all domains, terrains, and riding styles here at Everything Polaris Ranger.

Visit our dedicated Mid-size Ranger Portal Gear Lift category for a full selection of Portal Gear Lifts!

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If you’re looking to install burlier and more aggressive tires on your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger 570, seeking to alter the angle and geometry of your Polaris Ranger EV, or simply wanting to jack up any Polaris Ranger model, a Polaris Ranger Lift Kit is the sure-fire way to achieve these as well as many other UTV performance goals. Browse our selection of the most popular and user-friendly Polaris Ranger Lift Kits from industry leading UTV parts producers such as Super ATV (SATV) and Highlifter. We have top-mounting kits -- which change the angle of the shocks by relocating where they mount, making the angle of your side by side steeper, which, in turn, lifts the Vehicle -- as well as Bracket lifts -- which keep the shock angle of the UTV the same and achieve lift by extending the length of the shocks. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we know that sometimes, two inches in a side by side just doesn’t cut it. That’s why we provide three-, four-, and even six-inch Mid-Size Polaris Ranger Lift Kits to give you that lifted Polaris Ranger look as well as the performance that comes with it.

Having a greater distance between the ground and the underbelly of your lifted Mid-Size Polaris Ranger will enable you to traverse more difficult terrain. Large rocks and logs will no longer pose as impassable obstacles, while prairies, creeks, bogs, and sand dunes will become increasingly easier to navigate and overcome in your side by side. With a Mid-Size Polaris Ranger Lift Kit, your playground will expand exponentially. You’ll no longer be bound by the size of your lift, but rather, by the size of your cojones.

Improving UTV performance goals by using aftermarket accessories is a known trend in the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger and broader side by side scene. You already have a beast of a ride so enhancing it will only work in your favor. With your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger already packing so much potential, equipping these sturdy and functional Polaris Ranger Aftermarket Accessories to your UTV will only stand to improve the value of your ride. You can install a Mid-Size Polaris Ranger Lift Kit to give your UTV another competitive edge as well.

Whether you drive a Mid-Size Polaris Ranger 570 or a Polaris Ranger EV there’s something waiting for you over at Everything Polaris Ranger with many UTV parts and aftermarket accessories. You can push the limits of your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger by improving its handling and ground clearance. This can only be achieved by equipping a lift kit. With a lifted Mid-Size Polaris Ranger, you will experience more thrill on your journeys as your Ranger will never again get stuck or hung up. Improving the suspension of your Polaris Ranger helps you retain superior control on uneven terrain and prevents your Ranger from tipping over. These lead to a stark decrease in the probability of damaging your UTV and ruining your trip. Bracket Lifts and other options available as Mid-Size Polaris Ranger Accessories stand to increase the length of your shocks which lets them bear more tension. With a variety between the lift kits, you can choose the Side by Side Accessories from three, four and six-inch kits. With a new horizon opened up for you, you can traverse more ground and find that rocks or sand dunes don’t come in your way anymore. A 6” lift will give you tons of clearance room and also give you a very aggressive Polaris Ranger look. Apart from making your side by side look badass, the added maneuverability helps you gain access to new routes. These lift kits are stronger than the stock kits and improve the stability of your ride. The UV resistant powder coating of the lift kits makes them increasingly durable, and the modular attachment makes installing these lift kits easy as well. The SuperATV 6” kit comes with 4 industry-leading Rhino 2.0 axles and the construction is of 4.5 mm heavy duty steel. While the High Lifter guarantees a standard with their 2” Polaris Ranger lift kits.

Your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger 500 deserves to be held to high standards! You can ensure that it has the lift that it needs by choosing a lift kit that will give it the clearance that it needs so that when you are traversing more rugged terrain with jagged rocks you will spare your undercarriage a grating! Every single lift kit has been through the mill of tests before it is allowed to be available for purchase so that when you look at your Mid-Size Ranger 570 or your Ranger EV and think, “I’d like some larger tires and wheels and I really would like some more ground clearance, maybe it’s time that I get a lift kit”, there is already a lift kit waiting for you with your name on it. Can you hear it calling to you? These lifts are strong, these lifts are tough! Don’t resist, lift your machine up to greater heights today!

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