Mitigate dust, stay dry, and stop bugs in their tracks with a glass or poly Polaris Ranger Mid-Size windshield from Everything Polaris Ranger. You can get a glass Polaris Ranger Mid-Size windshield with windshield wipers if you live in a wet climate, a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size half windshield if you live in a hot climate, or a folding Polaris Ranger Mid-Size windshield to get the best of both worlds!

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Keep the rain off your face and the bugs out of your teeth with one of the high-quality windshield options from Everything Polaris Ranger for your Mid-size Polaris Ranger! Provide protection from rain, wind and other trail debris by installing a durable windshield on your side by side today! We've got all sorts of different styles and types -- You're sure to find the perfect UTV windshield for your needs right here at Everything Polaris Ranger. Whether you're in the market for Ranger Full Windshield, Ranger Half Windshield, Ranger Tip-Out Windshield, or Ranger Vented Windshield, this is the place to be! You'll make your buddies jealous when they see you out riding with a new windshield. Our selection has a windshield for every type of rider - DOT rated glass side by side windshields, to LEXAN windshields, to high-density polycarbonate windshields - if it's available on the market, we've likely got it in stock! All from great side by side brands you've grown to trust, like SuperATV, Extreme Metal Products, Kolpin Powersports, QuadBoss, and more!

We've got a versatile selection of Polaris Ranger Front Windshields and Rear Windshields to meet your needs! It doesn't matter what you plan on using your Mid-size Polaris Ranger for - work, play, whatever - if you're in need of a new front or rear windshield for your UTV this is the place to find it! Increase the safety and comfort of your machine by installing a durable, long-lasting windshield. Protect yourself from branches and underbrush while out in the field, or simply keep the rain out of your face should a rogue storm pop up - You'll find that a side by side windshield is a valuable addition to your Mid-size Polaris Ranger -- one of those must-have aftermarket accessories for both form and function. And once you lock one down onto your side by side, we’ll bet you'll be wondering why you didn't get one sooner! The search stops here at Everything Polaris Ranger for a front or rear windshield for your side by side! We've got options for all the latest Polaris Ranger models. Whether you own a Mid-size Polaris Ranger 570, Mid-size Polaris Ranger ETX, Mid-size Polaris Ranger ION, or other models -- the ideal windshield for your needs can be found right here! Get yours now!

Due to their lower costs, shatter resistant properties, and a number of other reasons, many UTV riders choose to run Polaris Ranger polycarbonate windshields on their Mid-Size machines. Polycarbonate (commonly referred to as poly or its trademarked name Lexan) is used for windows and windshields in not only Polaris Rangers, but throughout the offroad powersports industry because it is strong, optically transparent, and in many cases scratch resistant. Polycarbonate windshields are so strong in fact, they are used in armored, bullet-proof, vehicles to protect politicians, controversial business executives, and religious figures. In addition to polycarbonate Polaris Ranger windshields, Acrylic (also known as plexiglass) windshields are another type of Polaris Ranger plastic windshields that many riders prefer to run. While Acrylic Polaris Ranger windshields are cheaper, they are less strong and generally shinier. Regardless, both poly windshields and plexiglass windshields are cheaper and much lighter than Polaris Ranger glass windshields -- and many of the higher-quality composite Polaris Ranger windshields are hard coated, making them less prone to dings and scratches.

That being said, Mid-Size Polaris Ranger windows or windshields made from these composite materials aren’t indestructible, with certain types of chemicals being their kryptonite. Therefore, riders should eschew from using any harsh chemicals or abrasives when cleaning or polishing the composite windshields on their Polaris Ranger Mid-Sizes, EVs, or ETXs. Always make sure to spray down your Mid-Size Ranger extremely well before cleaning the windshield, making sure to get rid of all the dirt, mud, and dust before your clean the front or rear windshield. Make sure to use a new or clean sponge every time -- or even a microfiber shammy -- and only wipe up and down, never side to side.

Novus plastic polish is a must for any Polaris Ranger windshield. It is commonly used in the NASCAR industry, aviation restoration, Harley Davidson shops, and many other applications. Heat guns can also be used to repair dinged up or otherwise damaged side-by-side windshields. But take care, however, because if your Polaris Ranger window is laminate or if it has a scratch-resistant coating like MR10 Lexan it can create a bunch of small spider cracks throughout the windshield. Thus, it is important to know what type of Polaris Windshield you have on your Mid-Size machine before trying anything. A few companies make restoration kits for Helicopters that work surprisingly well for UTV and side-by-side windshields which are basically polycarbonate cleaners and polishes. A solid go-to way to shine up and de-haze a Polaris Ranger Lexan windshield is to first clean it with Acyrasol, use mirror glaze to polish it up, then hit it with plexus as a final step. Metal Bright and Mother’s brand 2-step waxing kit also work well on most Polaris Ranger windshields. Sometimes, though, no matter how careful you drive, the windows on your Ranger may get scratched. And when that happens, it can be extremely bothersome -- if not dangerous -- when your view is obstructed or you’re blinded by the refracted sunlight. Moral of the story, when you go with a cheap windshield for your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size, you get exactly what you pay for.

Fold it down, flip it up, add it on while on the go. Choose one that has vents, a full or a half version. Whichever windshield you end up choosing for your machine will be one of the best. That’s because every windshield that we carry is made with the best of the best materials and is made to fit seamlessly onto your Side by Side. You can pick from windshields that fold down or half windshields. You can find coated or uncoated windshields. The next time you take your Ranger 500 out for a spin, do it with an improved clarity of vision. Also, enjoy protection from direct wind, as well as projectiles and low hanging branches. The marine grade polyester that many of the windshields are made out of truly stands up to the challenges on the trail. You are sure to find a match for your machine as well as the Ranger 570 and the Ranger EV.

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