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Winch Accessories

Whether you’re packing a Stealth Winch by KFI Products on your Ranger EV or a Polaris Ranger Terra 35SR by Superwinch on your 570 Midsize, the strength and durability of your UTV winch is not the only factor that determines a successful winching operation. Polaris Ranger winch mounts, Polaris Ranger winch plates, and Polaris Ranger winch brackets are three among many Polaris Ranger aftermarket winch accessories that can augment and amplify a side by side good winch, and make it a truly great side by side winch. A decent UTV battery is a must as well, and some riders even run dual battery systems. But unless you’re blasting your aftermarket light rack, blaring your high-decibel stereo, and constantly getting stuck with a side by side chalked full of aftermarket accessories, a dual battery system is not absolutely essential. What is essential, however, is a solid winch mount, winch plate, and winch bracket. You could have the strongest side by side winch in the world, but if one of these three components breaks, your UTV winch will be effectively useless.

As avid riders ourselves, we at Everything Polaris Ranger know a thing or two about Polaris Ranger winch accessories. Want to operate your winch from a distance? There’s a wireless remote for that. Want to relocate your UTV winch to the front or back (or even have the option to do both)? No sweat, there are countless Polaris Ranger mounting plates and brackets for that -- some of which are even built into the bumper! From roller fairlead mounts and winch covers to replacement ropes and storage bags, whatever your task may be, we’ve got a side by side winch accessory to help you get it done better, faster, and with greater comfort and ease!

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