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The Everything Advantage

Storage Covers

Shield your Polaris Ranger Crew from dust, dirt, and all weather conditions with a UTV cover offered by Everything Polaris Ranger! Owning a UTV is an investment, not only in cash but also time spent caring and maintaining your side by side. It's time to start treating your machine like the investment it really is by protecting it with a UTV cover while in storage! A high-quality, UTV cover is a great way to keep out on wanted dust and dirt, while also providing additional protection for the elements - rain, wind, snow, ice - these covers can handle it all! We offer great options to cover your machine and give it the much-needed protection it deserves! Take a look at what we've got available! We're confident you'll find a UTV cover or cover-related aftermarket accessory suited to meet your needs!


Mother Nature can be cruel and damaging, so why not keep her at bay and protect your side by side with a durable UTV cover! Adding a UTV cover to your vehicle storage plans is a great way to increase the longevity of your side by side! Keep all that unwanted dust and dirt out of your Polaris Ranger Crew. Constructed of heavy-duty fabrics, these UTV covers are great at shielding your rig from just about any weather hazard! You'll find top-of-the-line side by side brands right here at Everything Polaris Ranger, like Green Mountain OutdoorsQuadBossClassic Accessories, and more! We carry UTV brands that have a proven track record of high-quality craftsmanship, and the UTV covers found right here are no exception to that!

When shopping for a Polaris Ranger Crew cover, make sure you don’t get a regular Ranger cover as it won’t fit on the Crew cab. And while a metal shed / outbuilding, a big garage, or an enclosed trailer are the best ways to cover your Polaris Ranger Crew, for those of us who aren’t swimming in cash, these options are simply out of the realm of possibility. However, there are still ways to protect your rig on a limited budget. With a proper cover for your Polaris Ranger Crew, you’ll no longer cringe when you see birds flying overhead. Polaris makes a very nice, fitted, and trailer-safe cover, but at a cost of $400, you’ve got to think there’d be some competition in the aftermarket… and there is. Covercraft is an option if you want a custom-made cover. Simply provide them with detailed measurements of the machine and they’ll stitch one up for you on the spot. This is an especially good place to get covers for a tracked out Ranger Crew, as OEM covers don’t fit and it’s difficult to find a trailerable cover large enough to fit a Polaris Crew with tracks.

Canvas side by side covers tend to blow up like a balloon when trailering or in the wind, so tie-downs, loops, and straps are essential to keep them in place. Cabelas makes a cover that works on non-crew machines, but the interior material traps moisture inside and can cause the buildup of mold and mildew, so keep that in mind and check your Crew periodically when not in use for long periods of time.

In addition to full covers, bed covers are another great way to keep your bed from filling up with tree limbs and leaves when on the trail. While you could go to a boat cover maker for a waterproof option, there are companies that make bed covers for the Ranger Crew. Green Mountain outdoors makes a good fabric bed cover that is quick to uncover and can be rolled or folded up when the bed is in use. Diamond plate aluminum or steel covers can work as well, but are not the best option if you use your bed frequently.

Keep your side by side protected while not in use with a durable cover from Everything Polaris Ranger. Dust, rain or snow, your 2020 Ranger Crew can withstand it all! We carry the best brands in aftermarket UTV accessories and we stand by our promise that your machine will not be busted and rusted. You can get Bed Covers for your full size 2020 Ranger Crew 570-6, Seat Covers for your mid-size 2020 Ranger Crew 570-4 and Storage Covers for your 2020 Ranger Crew XP 1000 and 2020 Ranger Crew 1000. No need to look elsewhere when we supply impeccable quality, durable covers, made to fit like a glove. The covers we carry are waterproof and provide UV protection for your side by side. They are available in a variety of colors and some even have a storage bag for when it’s not in use. Keep the elements out and your investment in great shape with a cover for your 2020 Ranger Crew from Everything Polaris Ranger.

Shop 2019 Ranger Models:  2019 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize Covers  | 2019 Ranger Crew 570 Fullsize Covers   | 2019 Ranger Crew 900 Covers | 2019 Ranger Crew XP 1000 Covers   

Shop 2020 Ranger Models: 2020 Ranger Crew XP 1000 Covers | 2020 Ranger Crew 1000 Covers | 2020 Ranger Crew 570 Fullsize Covers | 2020 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize Covers