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Although the Crew-cab Ranger is about as reliable as they come, you might still find yourself needing Polaris Ranger Crew replacement parts like carrier bearings, belts, u-joints, etc. And whatever replacement parts you may require for your rig, be it a Polaris Ranger Crew replacement battery, a Polaris Ranger Crew replacement roll cage, or some Polaris Ranger Crew replacement seats, we have the appropriate replacement parts for you at Everything Polaris Ranger!

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Off-road riding can be hard on your Polaris Ranger Crew, so you shouldn’t be surprised when things break. Some parts and components on your Polaris Ranger Crew are more likely to break than others, but chances are you’re going to deal with some kind of malfunction at some point. When something does break, there’s no better place to look for replacement parts and accessories for your Polaris Ranger Crew than Everything Polaris Ranger.

When it comes to replacement UTV parts and aftermarket accessory replacements from everyday wear and tear on your Polaris Ranger Crew, getting the right warranty can save you a lot of money. The 2019 Ranger 1000s come with a factory 12-month warranty now instead of 6 months like they did in the past. But if you want to extend your warranty, we usually suggest going to an insurance company. While you can go with a Polaris warranty for your side by side if you have a good shop to trust, Polaris warranties dictate that you must use Polaris-branded factory parts for all replacements and repairs.

With aftermarket warranty programs, however, you can really spice things up with the replacement Crew parts. Besides, we’ve heard of ample horror stories here at Everything Polaris Ranger about people and extended protection plans. In many cases -- in fact almost all cases -- the initial claim gets denied. Polaris sends one of their representatives out to look at the side by side, and basically, your dealer becomes your advocate. And even when replacement parts on the Ranger Crew end up being covered, the time it takes to get the job done can be excessively lengthy. We’ve heard stories from a few riders about people being without their rigs for three, five, and even eight months waiting for a decision from Polaris. If you think buying one of these warranty plans will be a magic and free way to quickly fix your Ranger and get all of your replacement parts needs to be taken care of, you are sadly mistaken.

Even if you don’t have an extended warranty for your side by side, there are still some relatively cheap options to replace specific parts on your Polaris Ranger Crew without having to replace entire components, systems, or assemblies. Say, for example, you were driving forward in your tricked out Ranger Crew while in posi mode and you hear a strange sound coming from your side by side. A likely cause of this sound is that your turf mode gears blew. We’ve heard of riders swapping out a broken transmission on a Polaris Ranger Crew for a HighLifter transmission -- which comes with deleted turf mode, lower gears, and a better reverse chain. If you don’t want to replace the entire transmission, another great option is to swap in an RZR spool to delete turf mode. But if you go this route, be sure to clean everything off really well and check for cracks around the case. Although it can happen, it's quite rare for the turf mode to go out and not crack the case along with it. And while you're replacing the spool, we’d also suggest upgrading to an urban reverse chain too while you’ve got the transmission out and apart. It's the next weak link in the system.

Every vehicle, no matter how great, has to tune-up and replace parts ever so often to ensure they are running at peak performance. Your Ranger Crew is no exception. You want to get back on the road quickly, and there’s no time to wait for warranties that don’t fully cover everything. Find an excellent mechanic and purchase your top-quality aftermarket replacement parts from Everything Polaris Ranger. You don’t have to settle for shoddy stock parts when we carry parts from the leaders in the UTV industry. Get Water Pump Rebuild Kits for your full size Ranger Crew 570-6, Rear Independent Suspensions Kits for your mid-size Ranger Crew 570-4, Throttle Body Stepping Motor Valves for your Ranger Crew XP 1000 and Front Ball Joint Puller and Ball Joints for your Ranger Crew 1000. We even supply all the Bushing Kits, Key Switches, Thermostats and Tilt Steering Gas Shocks you need. Find all the replacement parts you need for your UTV at Everything Polaris Ranger.

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