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Don’t let your rig become dilapidated and derelict by ensuring that it’s up to snuff with the required Polaris Ranger Full-Size replacement parts from Everything Polaris Ranger. Whether it’s a couple Polaris Ranger Full-Size replacement seats, a Polaris Ranger Full-Size rear axle replacement, or Polaris Ranger Full-Size replacement parts like fuel pumps, ignition switches, and u-joints, Everything Polaris Ranger is here to hook you up with whatever replacement parts your rig may need!

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Whether you need something small to replace a broken part on your Full-Size Polaris Ranger 1000 or a larger replacement part for your Ranger 900, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’re here to help. One of the more commonly replaced parts -- and one that is often misunderstood -- is the Polaris Ranger air filter. Like other aftermarket accessories for the Ranger, air filters come in a variety of options. Foam side by side air filters like those by K&N used to be cutting edge, so long as you use quality oil. But nowadays, with new motors sensors that can get oil on them and affect how they run, most serious UTV riders and mechanics who know their stuff go with paper air filters. Sure, you can get a K&N or similar filter for 53 bucks and save money in the short term by washing it off as it gets dirty, but if you factor in the $3200 you’ll have to pay a month later for a motor rebuild, the apparent “savings” are quite detrimental. While most of these side by side horror stories are likely due to people dropping these filters in dry -- without oiling them down with tacky oil -- you can test this for yourself if you don’t believe us. Smear some grease in your intake tube and take your Full-Size Ranger out for a couple of rides. Check your filter once you get back and we guarantee it will be gritty. Don’t get us wrong, K&N and similar Polaris Ranger foam and wire air filters are great for pavement and asphalt riding, but they will feed your Ranger motor dirt. Be it an air filter similar to the stock air filter or a WIX air filter from your local O’Riley’s, if you ride on dirt, paper air filters are still the best thing out there at present.

Although not as frequently swapped out as air filters, Polaris Ranger Full-Size headlights are parts that need to be replaced more frequently than most. Most H13 headlights will fit a Full-Size Ranger, with the exception of the Lastfit H13 and a few others where the plug doesn’t match the fitment of the headlight bucket. Other quality replacement Ranger bulbs include RoyalT HIDs, LEDs, Rock Lights, Stereo, THOR box, and TORQ locker. It all just depends on how many lumens you want to pump out of your front end.

In addition to Polaris Ranger headlights and air filters, the need to replace upper and lower A-arm bushings as well as front and rear wheel bearings is also common. While some suggest a company called All Balls Racing for wheel bearings, the feedback we’ve received over the years indicates that most riders prefer OEM side by side wheel bearings. Alternatively, Master Pro bearings are pretty good as well. Whatever wheel bearings you choose, however, we suggest putting extra high temp grease in the bearings when replacing them -- it makes a noticeable difference. Finally, Garage Products is the company we suggest for a-arm bushings. They fit tight and installation can be tough, but once they’re in they work great.

Last but not least, the voltage regulator on the Full-Size Polaris Ranger is another part that tends to need to be replaced from time to time. After talking to several riders who replaced theirs, we wouldn't suggest taking a chance on the Ebay ones as the cheaper voltage regulators can catch fire if they get wet, putting your Ranger at risk. Ricks Motorsport Electrics often comes up as a quality place to get voltage regulators for the Full-Size Ranger, but Cycleworx is the undisputed best in the UTV market with a perfect track record as far as we know.

All of the small parts that you need to replace on your Ranger XP 1000 can be found here. The smaller parts are not to be discounted when it comes to the roles that they play in the everyday life of your Side by Side. As a matter of fact, your machine is made up of many many more small parts than major parts and they all do a dance of working in harmony to keep your UTV up and running. It is a beautiful symphony that happens every time you start your machine, and you want to keep it running that way by staying on top of the needs of your machine, big or small. Whether it is a radiator cap or a set of bearings, you can find what you need here. Another beautiful thing is that you can find replacement parts here for your anger 570 Full Size as well as the Ranger 1000.

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