Bumpers and Brush Guards

Protect your bike and gain an invaluable mounting location for lights, winches, and hitches by installing a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size front bumper, a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size rear bumper, or a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brush guard from Everything Polaris Ranger on your off-road side-by-side. No matter if you’re after a Polaris Ranger 570 Mid-Size winch bumper, or a front / rear brush guard for your Polaris Ranger 800 Mid-Size, Everything Polaris Ranger is here with all the best bumpers, brush guards, and bash plates for any Mid-Size Ranger model!


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Protect your machine from the hazards of the outdoors with the addition of a quality Polaris Ranger Mid-Size bumper and brush guard from Everything Polaris Ranger! With Polaris Ranger Mid-Size front bumpers, Polaris Ranger Mid-Size front brush guards, and Polaris Ranger Mid-Size rear bumpers, we’ve got everything required to fortify your side-by-side and keep collision-related damage to a minimum. If you’re a bushwhacker who’s undaunted by extreme offroad conditions, a dirt-road speed demon who puts the pedal to the metal on flat double-track trails, or a simple pragmatist seeking to optimize and extend the life of your investment, Polaris Ranger Mid-Size brush guards and bumpers should be at the top of your wishlist. Whether you’re rockin’ a Polaris Ranger 570 Mid-Size, a Mid-Size Ranger 500, or an ETX Mid-Size, the right bumper will make worlds of difference in terms of safety, protection, and visual aesthetics!

Although they do look awesome, there's more to a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size bumper than looks. And in addition to bumpers, front brush guards for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size, Mid-Size 570, and other Mid-Size Rangers also serve a purpose beyond looking mean. Both front bumpers and front brush guards for the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger will protect the nose area of the vehicle, acting as the first line of defense in the event of a head-on collision, crash, or other impact. Polaris Ranger Mid-Size front brush guards will shield the lower anterior section of the UTV from stumps, vegetation, and other low-laying hazards. Meanwhile, Polaris Ranger Mid-Size front bumpers are fabricated in a way that protects the machine's grill, hood, radiator, and headlights. In terms of materials, some front bumpers are made using solid steel, while others incorporate a variety of metallic elements to create specific alloys with particular properties. Winch-compatible bumpers, for example, need to have a high shear strength for excessive pulling forces, while other bumpers are more flexible to act as a crumple zone which gradually slows the vehicle down after impact.

Aftermarket bumpers for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size are great, but you can also get a bumper extension for your factory bumpers -- which are easy to install, solid, and much cheaper than an entirely new bumper. For those that want a new front or rear bumper for their Mid-Size Polaris Ranger, there are more than enough options to choose from, Be it the upside-down u-shaped front bumper by Wild Boar with a winch protection device and flanges on which to attach hooks; the lightweight and low-profile PCF bumper for a sleek look and a less-heavy front end; or the many other bumpers by companies such as SuperATV, KFI, and Tough Country, whatever you're looking for in a bumper or brush guard for your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size, Mid-Size 900, or Mid-Size 1000, Everything Polaris Ranger has you covered!

If you use your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size, Mid-Size EXT, or Mid-Size EV to ride with friends in large groups, if you frequently ride at UTV parks, or if you have a street legal machine and use it on public roads and highways, you can never be sure that you won't be struck from behind. So to protect both yourself and the back end of your vehicle, there's no better accessory to install than a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size rear bumper. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we've got tubular rear bumpers like the ones by KFI, as well as rectangular rear bumpers for the Mid-Size Polaris Ranger from firms such as SuperATV and Extreme Metal Products (EMP). EMP rear bumpers are among the cheaper options out there. They are the same size diameter as the stock Polaris Ranger bumpers, but use a heavier gage steel. Plus, they bolt right into the factory Polaris Ranger Mid-Size bumper mounts, which makes it about a 10-minute job to put them on. In addition to being strong, a good rear UTV bumper should also clear the tailgate and not touch the tires when the box is open. While many bumpers have either one or both of those problems, the rear bumpers by EMP do not. And where a rear Polaris Ranger Mid-Size bumper will protect the upper portion of the machine's hind end, a rear brush guard will protect the section underneath. Be it a rear bumper for the Mid-Size Ranger 570, or a rear brush guard for the Polaris Ranger 800 Mid-Size, Everything Polaris Ranger has the accessories to give you unmatched protection!

In such a technologically advanced day and age, why would you settle for a side-by-side accessory that only serves a single purpose? Kill two birds with one stone by getting a multi-functional Polaris Ranger Mid-Size winch bumper with built-in winch mounts, a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size front bumper with prefabricated light housing ports, or a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size rear bumper with a hitch receiver. Whatever you seek in a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size bumper / brush guard, it can be found here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we only collaborate with top-of-the-line manufacturers. And when it comes to bumpers, SuperATV, Bad Dawg, and Extreme Metal Products are industry leaders. Their steel and aluminum bumpers use the latest production techniques, including powder coating and electroplating to prevent rust and corrosion -- effectively weatherproofing their bumpers and brush guards to be impervious to the elements. So do yourself and your Polaris Ranger a favor and install the right bumper and brush guard before, not after, you need it. You’ll thank yourself later, we guarantee it!

As a UTV owner, your Polaris Ranger is one of your more prized possessions if not the most. While these off-road beasts are manufactured for the purpose of taking any kind of terrain head-on and overcoming any challenges in your way that does not mean they won’t take damage from debris, rocks, branches and other obstacles your vehicle could come in contact with on the way. Bumpers and brush guards are a surefire way of adding an extra layer of protection to your side x side and put the thought of accidentally damaging your vehicle from your mind once and for all.

A Polaris Ranger Front Bumper or a Polaris Ranger Brush Guard are excellent choices in this respect. For adding protection to the rear of your Ranger you can browse our extensive list of Polaris Ranger Bumpers among other UTV accessories and choose from some of the best options when it comes to a Polaris Ranger Rear Bumper. But why choose us for buying Polaris Ranger Accessories? When you browse our collection of Polaris Ranger Aftermarket Accessories you will find that we sell bumpers and brush guards from only the best in the business. Offering choices from some of the most popular and well reputed names in the UTV industry like SuperATV, Bad Dawg and Extreme Metal Products, we consider it our duty to deliver only the highest quality products to our customers. Browse our Side by Side Accessories and buy bumpers and brush guards made from steel and aluminum, manufactured using the latest protection techniques to ensure the highest levels of durability. Whether you want a simple Polaris Ranger Front Brush Guard or want your bumper to do more than just protect your UTV and get a Polaris Ranger Winch Bumper, we’ve got it all. Never again ruin your day or a great off-road trip because a flying rock or a branch you didn’t see damaged your precious Polaris Ranger. Not only will these bumpers and brush guards protect your vehicle but will also enhance its look and appearance.

The next time that you are racing across the trail or on the course have that added protection from the elements and in the event of an accident with your choice of a bumper from fright here at Everything Polaris Ranger. There are many subpar UTV parts out there, but here, we align ourselves with only the best. Ride with confidence into the unknown. Whether you are looking for a winch mount, a front or rear bumper, bumper guards or brush guards, you can find a wide variety here for your machine. When it comes to your Ranger 500, you can find a combo bumper with lights & winch mount by Wild Boar which will not let you down. You have multiple rear bumper options from Moose, Wild Boar, Adventure UTV Accessories, KFI and Extreme Metal Products for your Ranger 570 and you can definitely find that front bumper that you have been hunting for, for your Ranger EV from those same brands. This is the one-stop-shop for everything that you need for your machine.

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