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Keep things toasty when the temperatures dip this winter with an under-dash Polaris General heater, a Polaris General seat heater, or a Polaris General cab heater from Everything Polaris Ranger! We’ve got 16K BTU hidden fan heater kits for the Polaris General by companies like Rough Country, Polaris General 1000 cab heaters with defrosters by firms like Ice Crusher and Inferno, as well as Polaris General heating components like heater ducts and inline thermostat bypass valves for instant heat in greater quantities at lower RPMs!

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If you live up north, you’re probably no stranger to the cold. It’s one thing to drive through the snow in a cozy car or truck, but off-roading in a Polaris General through subzero temperatures is a different beast entirely. For those without a UTV heater, a good chunk of the year will have their Polaris General be unrideable. If you don’t want to miss out on riding your Polaris General during the harsh winter months, you’ve got two options. You can either layer up in heavy and restrictive winter clothing, or you can install a Polaris General cab heater. We recommend going with the latter. Everything Polaris Ranger is the only site where you will find the aftermarket UTV industry’s best Polaris General cab heaters all in one place. Our selection of Polaris General cab heaters is supplied by top brands like Inferno Cab Heaters, Ice Crusher Heaters, Duraclutch, Rough Country, SuperATV, Moose, and Quad Logic.

One of our most popular Polaris General cab heaters is the Polaris General 1000 Inferno Cab Heater w| Defrost by Inferno Cab Heaters. This cab heater can be custom ordered for every year and model of the Polaris General and includes all the necessary hardware and components you need for an easy installation to the dash of your Polaris General. Another great option is the Polaris General 1000 Ice Crusher Cab Heater by Ice Crusher Heaters. This compact yet powerful UTV cab heater delivers an impressive 14,600 BTUs of heat. It’s cab heaters like these that you’ll need to stay warm and cozy in your Polaris General on those cold winter days.

For those who live in cold climates, a Polaris General Heater is one of the most beneficial aftermarket accessories you can install on your machine. Not only can Polaris General cab heaters, UTV defroster kits, and other heater-related aftermarket accessories keep fog, frost, and ice off of your windshield, but they can even heat up cabs with half doors or no doors at all. With options for vents both above and below the dash, you can blast heat at your face while simultaneously thawing out your frozen toes. Polaris’ side by side heating system is relatively simple to install, but it does take a bit of time and technical know-how. For this reason, universal plug-n-play heaters for all-weather driving -- like the Polaris General 1000 Cab Heater by Moose -- have proliferated to become the go-to systems for both novice and experienced riders alike.

Whether you install a Polaris General heater kit by yourself at home or have it put in by your local dealership, be sure to check the tube system. If your Polaris General’s heating tubes are bent or crushed, their throughput will be restricted, resulting in a lower airflow, less warmth from the vents, and a colder cab or frostier windshield. If you go on winter hunting trips, have a cabin in the hills, or just enjoy riding when it's cold outside, a UTV heater can be a literal life saver. And if you use your Polaris General as a winter work vehicle, a quality side by side heating system is one of those must-have aftermarket accessories to help you get the job done without succumbing to frostbite or hypothermia.

Feeling cold as you take your trip can hamper your experience, reduce your performance and speed and make you feel altogether unaccomplished on your General 1000 or even General 4 1000 Polaris Ranger models. Having a low-quality heater or a poorly fitted heater with reduced airflow can have the same outcome. That is why we recommend UTV heaters of quality construction, long lasting and those that are easy to install. You do not have to wonder how or where you can find all these, we have you sorted with the choicest heaters. And just to make sure you enjoy your racing or leisure driving on your General 4 1000 or General 1000, we recommend you have a local dealer install your heater and check the state of airflow in your side by side. This will greatly reduce chances of a frosty windshield in the middle of nowhere. Upgrade to our plug in heaters. Do it for yourself and for your new Polaris General model. You will love every aspect of it.