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Polaris Ranger Doors are one of those aftermarket parts that riders frequently argue about.  Polaris Ranger Canvas Doors are cheaper, but Polaris Ranger Poly Doors are stronger. Half doors provide a good mix of protection and airflow, but full doors are better in winter. For the most part, the door for you will depend on your riding needs, the climate in your area, and where / what type of terrain you like to ride. Light Polaris Ranger soft doors and half doors tend to rattle less and not be as noisy at low speeds or over rough terrain. However the faster you go, the noiser most soft and half doors become due to wind-induced flapping. Even the tightest soft doors by industry leading firms like Dragonfire and SuperATV are no match for the wind forces of a Polaris General at full speed. That being said, not all hard and full-size doors rattle. Fortress and Seizmik have a great selection of Polaris Ranger lock and ride doors that don’t rattle or shake.

In addition to rattling, the hinging and seal of a Polaris Ranger door are also extremely important.  If the door doesn’t hinge right, it may not lock closed every time you try to shut it. And if it doesn’t seal correctly, air can get in or out as well as airborne dust and particulates, which you don’t want in either dusty or cold areas. Regardless of if you want a Polaris Ranger poly door for your Polaris General 1000 or a Polaris Ranger canvas door for your General 4 1000, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got the right doors for your unique needs.