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Cab Enclosures

Be it a partial Polaris General soft cab enclosure, a Polaris General hard cab enclosure, or a Polaris General full cab enclosure, they can all be obtained via Everything Polaris Ranger! We carry 2017 Polaris General cab enclosures, 2021 Polaris General cab enclosures, and even Polaris General XP 4 1000 cab enclosures, so regardless of your machine’s model, year, or edition, it can be sealed up tighter than a bug’s butt with a Polaris General cab enclosure kit from Everything Polaris Ranger!

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By its very nature, off-road riding can be rough, messy, and uncomfortable. The fun of mudding can be diminished when the mud ends up splattering on your face instead of the side of your Polaris General. If you live somewhere with a lot of rain, you may find yourself waiting hours for the storm to pass before you can head out. And if you live up north, we don’t even need to tell you about how unpleasant it can be riding through subzero temperatures. The only way to make sure none of these elements stop you and your Polaris General is to outfit it with a UTV cab enclosure. A full cab enclosure for your Polaris General will keep you warm in the winter, dry when it rains, and clean when it’s muddy. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, you’ll find a selection of the aftermarket UTV industry’s best full cab enclosures, door enclosures, and partial cab enclosures all in one convenient location.

Many riders with doors on their Polaris General might be looking for upper door enclosures that they can easily set up when they need them and take down when they don’t. If you’re looking for Polaris General upper door enclosures, we recommend ordering the Polaris General 4 Door Enclosure (upper doors only) by SideXSide Enclosures. If you want to be able to easily remove these upper door enclosures when the weather’s nice out, you can order them with self-adhesive Velcro or snaps. If you seem them being a more permanent fixture on your Polaris General, you can order them with prop rivet snaps.

In addition to side enclosures and door enclosures for the Polaris General, we’ve also got a great selection of rear window enclosures like the Polaris General 1000 Door/Rear Window Combo by Over Armour and full cab enclosures like the Polaris General 1000 Full Cab Enclosure with Lexan Windshield by GCL UTV. And if you want extra warmth in the winter, combine your Polaris General’s new cab enclosure with a UTV cab heater like the Polaris General 1000 Inferno Cab Heater w| Defrost by Inferno Cab Heaters. Polaris General cab heaters are the best way to stay warm and comfortable on those early morning off-road hunting trips.  

Give yourself some extra shielding from the elements with a Side By Side Soft Cab Enclosure from Everything Polaris Ranger for your Polaris General! If you're on the market for some additional protection with a soft cab enclosure for your side by side, then you're in the right place! Everything Polaris Ranger offers a great selection of soft cab enclosure accessories for your side by side! Keep the wind, rain, snow, and sun out of your cabin, making for a much more comfortable riding experience. We feature top side by side brands you know and trust, like GCL UTV, Green Mountain Outdoors, Mammoth, and more! Keep the heat locked in and the cold on the outside of your UTV. With full cab enclosures as well as other cab-related aftermarket accessories for the Polaris General, there are no conditions too extreme for you and your UTV. Take a look at our cab options and order today!

The truth about being a side by side driver is that you cannot predict the weather or the terrain of your ride and things are bound to change from time to time. Guard yourself against the extremes as you ride on the new General 1000 or the General 4 1000 model by getting cab enclosures of quality construction, high innovation, and ultra-efficiency. You will enjoy a ride under the hot sun or rainy day or even a dusty terrain without worry. Your style, speed, and comfort will continue as you choose quality cab enclosures. Do not wait until you are rained on or the cold is too much to bear. Plan ahead, get a cab enclosure aftermarket accessory for your General 4 1000 or General 1000 model. You will love the experience and enjoy every aspect of it. If you enjoy gardening several hours a day, you will be able to do that even under scorching sun. Do not limit your possibilities. Blend your new General Polaris Ranger with these modern aftermarket UTV cab enclosure accessories.