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Bumpers and Brush Guards

Increase the safety and style of your Polaris Ranger with a high-quality bumper and/or brush guard. These popular aftermarket modifications are designed to withstand serious abuse and can last for several decades. Choose from our selection of heavy-duty Polaris Ranger rear bumpers, upper and lower brush guards, front bumpers, and rear tube bumpers to keep your vehicle safe and attractive, no matter where you take it. We stock only the very finest and most popular models, such as the Polaris Ranger XP 1000, XP 1000, 570 (Round Bars) and Kinetic. Don't compromise on the quality of your Polaris Ranger's protection. Browse our range and order now!

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When it comes to modifying your Polaris Ranger, bumpers and brush guards are a popular addition to provide protection against impacts and collisions. However, choosing the right one can be a bit tricky. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a Polaris Ranger bumper or brush guard.

Build Materials:
The build material is an essential factor to consider when selecting a bumper or brush guard. There are various materials available, such as steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. Steel is sturdy and cost-efficient but adds extra weight to your Polaris. Meanwhile, aluminum is more expensive but lightweight and won't affect your handling. Carbon fiber is lightweight, strong, and provides excellent protection but is expensive and suited for higher-end models.

Form and Function:
It's crucial to consider the design and functionality of the bumper or brush guard. Look for additional mounting points for accessories like winches and lights, as well as extra protection offered to areas such as the headlights or grille. Before settling on a modification, ensure that it's compatible with your other mods and meets your desired expectations.

Ensure that the Polaris Ranger bumper or brush guard comes with all necessary hardware and instructions for easy installation. Most bumpers and brush guards require mounting brackets to be installed on the vehicle first, and these brackets may attach to the frame or other parts of the vehicle and will serve as the attachment points for the bumper or brush guard.

Polaris Ranger Bumpers vs. Polaris Ranger Brush Guards:
Bumpers and brush guards offer different kinds of protection. Front and rear bumpers are popular modifications as they offer impact and collision protection and can serve as a mount for various accessories such as cargo boxes. Bumpers with winches are front bumpers that include a winch mounting plate and a winch. On the other hand, brush guards protect the front end from damage caused by brush, rocks, or other obstacles on the trail. They can also provide a mounting point for additional accessories, such as lights. Front brush guards protect the front, a rear brush guard protects the rear, an upper brush guard keeps your roof safe, while a lower brush guard takes care of the underside of your Polaris Ranger.

In summary, when looking for a Polaris Ranger bumper or brush guard, select one that suits your needs, works with your other mods, and is easy to install. Whether you opt for a bumper or brush guard, these modifications are sure to provide extra protection and improve your overall off-road experience.