There are myriad benefits that Polaris Ranger Full-Size roofs provide, and dozens of different Polaris Ranger roof styles / materials to choose from. But regardless of whether you only need something simple and cheap like a Polaris Ranger Full-Size plastic roof or soft top, or if the environment in which you ride calls for something a little more burly like a Polaris Ranger Full-Size metal roof, you’ll find it all at Everything Polaris Ranger as well as countless roof-related parts, kits, and accessories such as roof liners, roof racks, roof radios, and roof tents for any Full-Size Ranger edition!

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Can you imagine not having a good roof on your Full Size Polaris Ranger? You spend a lot of time in your Full Size Polaris Ranger, so you might as well invest in the right roof to suit your needs. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, you’ll find so many different choices of aftermarket UTV roofs for your Full Size Polaris Ranger, so there’s no reason to settle for your flimsy and plain-looking OEM roof. You can go with a one piece roof, two piece roof, steel roof, aluminum roof, or a soft top. For those looking for some extra storage space in their Full Size Polaris Ranger, we’ve even got the Polaris Ranger 60" Wide Molded Roof with Cargo Tray by Rough Country.

It’s no secret that the Full Size Polaris Ranger’s stock roof isn’t very strong. If you want to protect you and your passengers with serious overhead protection, consider upgrading your stock roof with the Polaris Ranger 500 / 700 Steel Roof by EMP. This heavy-duty roof is constructed from 16-gauge laser cut steel and is powder coated for maximum durability. Another option is the Polaris Ranger XP 900/XP 1000 Aluminum Roof by Battle Armor. This aluminum roof offers comparable overhead protection to a steel roof but weighs much less.

Aftermarket Full Size Polaris Ranger Roofs are a go-to accessory for both novice and advanced riders alike. Placed in the same category as other aftermarket accessories such as windows and windshields, side by side doors shield passengers from the elements, provide ancillary support for other accessories such as stereo systems, gun racks, and light bars, and -- depending on the roof style and material you choose -- provide a solid surface on which to stand, sit, lay, or kneel. While polyester or canvas UTV soft-tops are a good and cheap option for basic protection and coverage, hard-top side by side roofs -- typically made from aluminum, steel, or hardened thermoplastic polymers -- are a popular option due to their strength, functionality, and look. With engineered aerodynamic contours, pre-molded channels and grooves to move water away from the cab and cargo bed, and increasingly strengthened designs to support safari racks and other roof-mounted accessories, aftermarket Polaris Ranger tops perform numerous functions.

Whether you go with a full size Soft-Top by Over Armour Offroad on your Ranger 570, a sleek Polaris Ranger metal roof by EMP on your Ranger 1000, or a two-piece poly roof by Moose on your Ranger 900, Everything Polaris Ranger is here to help. We know the challenges one faces when deciding on a new side by side roof for their Polaris Ranger. Fitment is a common concern, and so too is ease of installation. When it comes to Full Size Polaris Ranger roofs, you can spend as little or as much as you want. But at the end of the day, when you’re cruising down some country back roads or zipping up a mountain trail, the last thing you should be thinking about is the quality of your roof. So do it right the first time and never have to think about it again with a Full Size Polaris Ranger roof from Everything Polaris Ranger.

The roof that you choose for your machine is about to have you covered for years to come, that is if you choose one from the many options that we carry here. You have your choice of hard cover and soft cover roofs for your machine and it all depends on the finish you want for the bad boy. Either way, the roof that you choose will be of the highest quality. This is the promise that comes with choosing a roof that is made by the best brands in today’s market. You want soft covers, we’ve got those for your Ranger 570 Full Size, you want hardcovers, we’ve got those as well. All of the roofs that we offer give you the promise of protection from the elements as well as from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Enjoy the day in the shade and stay dry if the rain should choose to make an appearance. You will also be able to find the perfect roof for your Ranger 1000 or Ranger XP 1000.

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