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  • Tips on teaching your children about ATVs and UTVS

    ATVs with the K-I-Ds: Tips on teaching your children about ATVs and UTVS

    Kids love to imitate what their parents and older siblings do. If you want to teach your kids how to be safe around and on ATVs and UTVs, here are a few tips to get you started. We won’t tell you how to parent your kids—but we will give you some helpful advice when the going gets rough. Continue reading

  • Basis Care Guidelines for your Polaris Ranger

    The crisp air of early morning jerks you awake as you trudge out into the day’s first glimpses of sunshine. With gloves warming your work-worn hands, you wake your favorite Polaris Ranger from its slumber. The day ahead is full of chores and responsibility, but as you park your rear behind the steering wheel and putter out to meet the day, somehow it doesn’t seem all that bad. After all, with your Polaris Ranger, no job is too big.

    While the Polaris Ranger takes good care of you, acting as your trusty sidekick on the best and worst jobs, it’s crucial to keep your UTV in tip-top shape for the long haul. Your Polaris owner’s manual will include details regarding maintenance intervals and suggestions for upkeep, but if you’re looking for a quick reference, look no further than the list below. From the time you get it home to the day you have to retire the old workhorse, you want your Ranger by your side when you need it most. Follow the servicing guidelines below to ensure a long life of great service.

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