KFI Products

KFI Products stands for Kappers Fabricating Incorporated, a family-owned, ATV/UTV-accessories-selling operation. Sold world-wide, KFI Products’ equipment is assembled, packaged, received, and shipped from their U.S.-based facilities in Minnesota. That’s right, their products are manufactured here in the United States, so your purchase affords a fellow American a paycheck. Founded in 1986, KFI Products has been helping customers with all their ATV-ing and UTV-ing needs for over 30 years and continues to lead the industry into the future of ATV/UTV accessories.

KFI Products doesn’t just produce ATV and UTV accessories: they develop them to suit their needs and address problems they’ve encountered in their own experience. In fact, in 2002 KFI Products revealed its first ATV winch mount creation. Designed to address and solve many of the problems ATV owners were having with attaching their beloved winches to their (perhaps) equally-beloved off-road UTV, the KFI Products ATV winch mount became a huge success and has propelled the company to continue to develop and manufacture products and solutions for their customers.

All of the products KFI manufactures are subject to rigorous testing. When you open the box containing your very own KFI Products gear, you’ll soon see why they’re a serious competitor for all things winches. The engineers and production team employed by KFI Products are all dedicated to bringing their fellow off-road enthusiasts a number of solid, dependable, and affordable options for any of their winching needs. KFI Products guarantees their products to have a precise fit and easy installation.

There are a lot of great KFI Products items below, such as winch mounts, winches, and kits, lower receivers, rear bumper fairlead mounts, wiring extension kits, winch covers, and more. If you’ve got a winch, won’t you browse through KFI’s amazing products? You’re sure to find something you need! Protect your investments today with one of KFI Products’ incredible items.

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