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Stay warm this winter with a heater installed on your Mid-size Polaris Ranger from Everything Polaris Ranger! Don't let cold temperatures keep you from hitting the trails or putting your Mid-size Polaris Ranger UTV to work! Add a heater to your side by side and stay warm in chilly climates! With a heater installed in your UTV, you'll be able to add hours of comfort to your riding experience. No more driving with the gloves on! These heaters come with everything necessary for install, including easy-to-follow instructions and all required hardware/wiring. You'll be impressed with the quality of craftsmanship put into these side by side heater units! Featuring options from leading side by side aftermarket accessory providers like MotoAlliance, we’ve got the best UTV brands that you know and trust! Pick one up now!

18 products

18 products

Ride comfortably in sub-zero temperatures by installing a heater unit on your Mid-size Polaris Ranger! Consider adding a UTV heater and/or defroster to your rig and turn your next winter riding trek into a truly comfortable experience! Whether you use your machine for work or play, putting a heater in your rig can add length to your riding season. No more having to put your machine in storage because it is too cold out. With a heater on your Mid-size Polaris Ranger, you'll be just as warm as if you were back sitting next to the fireplace in your cabin or home! If you live north of the Mason Dixon line, this is a must-have addition to your UTV. Order one today!

Winter can be both a fun and a trying time outdoors and whether you are using your UTV recreationally or for work, being warm in your cab makes the entire experience one that you can not only enjoy, but look forward to. Get the chores done in warmth with a heater for your 2020 Ranger 500. Keep your fingers, toes, ears, and nose toasty when the snow begins to stick and plow through your work day.  The heaters come with everything that you need to get them installed quickly and efficiently and they are an investment as they are built to weather the storms you are guaranteed to be faced over your many adventures. There are options that require little to no modifications to your machine and that work with a wide range of models including the 2020 Ranger 570 and the 2020 Ranger EV. Do not let the snow keep you indoors, it’s another wonder of the world that you should be out experiencing in your Side by Side.

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