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Lift Kits

From simple Polaris Ranger spring-spacer and bracket lifts to full-blown Polaris Ranger lift kit assemblies that include bulkier a-arms, stronger tie-rods, and longer brake lines,  when it comes to properly lift your Polaris Ranger further away from the ground, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Spanning the gamut in terms of price and providing different degrees of performance enhancement capabilities, Polaris General lift kits are broad in their application, using different means to accomplish effectively the same ends… more room.

One obvious reason why many riders have opted to lift their Polaris General is to allow for larger and burlier tires.  Yet other reasons, such as a taller general ground clearance height to clear obstacles and better performance on off-road conditions, have caused countless riders to choose lift kits to improve their UTV experience. For riders with fixed, limited, budgets or those lacking the need for extreme lift modifications, bracket lifts -- like the 2” lift kit from SuperATV that lifts a machine by altering the position where each shock mounts to the chassis -- and spring spacer lifts -- which provide lift by adding a bit of length to each shock -- are the way to go. Other Polaris General lifts -- such as High Lifter’s complete lift kit assembly -- can give definite performance boosts, but also cost significantly more. Do you get what you pay for? Absolutely. But whatever the case may be, we at Everything Polaris Ranger are here to help answer your Polaris General lift questions, providing a solution that fits both your situation and your budget.