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Portal Gear Lifts

From Polaris General portal gear lifts to Polaris General portal extensions, fulfill all your portal needs by ordering directly from Everything Polaris Ranger! Do you use your Polaris General for hunting/hauling deer? Or how about riding trails/rock crawl? If you’ve invested in forward front a-arms, Shock Therapy springs, or a Gilomen clutch and tune, you’re already leaps and bounds better off than someone in a stock Polaris General. However, if your ground clearance is still lacking or you’re struggling to spin the oversized tires you threw on, the increased height and decreased gearing brought about by a Polaris General portal gear lift will be that added cherry on top to get your rig in peak performance. Sure you’ll lose a bit of speed off the top end after installing portals, but you’ll gain all the low-end grunt back that you may have lost after adding bigger tires. As a general rule (pun definitely intended), you’re going to want a 4% gear reduction for every extra inch of tire size above 27”. Accordingly, for 32” tires, a rider will need at least a 20% gear reduction, with a 30% reduction making the gearing where it needs to be for activities such as hill climbing and rock crawling. And if you do find yourself in the wide open with a need for speed, put er’ in H and let er’ rip!

Like with any aftermarket UTV modification, not everything about Polaris General portal gear lifts is bright and rosy. You might blow a few seals over the life of your Polaris General portals, and the two bearings that hold everything together in the front differential are tiny, so those are liable to break as well. When compared to other lift styles, however, portal gear lifts for the Polaris General are much less stressful on the machine as a whole. Go too big with your portal gear lift, however, and you might need a cage chop to fit your side-by-side under the garage door or inside an enclosed trailer! Many riders have admitted that the best upgrade they ever did to their Polaris General was to add portals. So the real question is, why has it taken you so long to install them?

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What to Look Out for When Buying Polaris General Portal Gear Lifts?

Portal Gear Lift Options for Polaris General

Standard Portal Lifts

Standard portal gear lifts have always been a popular choice for the Polaris General owner since these are what most people see when thinking about a portal gear lift.

By attaching a gear hub directly to the wheel, they significantly enhance ground clearance, making them ideal for navigating tough terrain and overcoming larger obstacles. 

This lift type is suitable if your primary goal is to increase the vehicle's off-road capabilities and make it look cooler.

Advanced Gearbox-Integrated Portal Lifts

For those seeking an upgrade in performance, gearbox-integrated lifts offer a smoother power transfer while making your Polaris General look like a spaceship.

This not only improves the ride quality and reduces noise but also ensures a consistent delivery of power, crucial for demanding off-road conditions. 

These advanced lifts are more of an investment but provide enhanced functionalities for the Polaris General. It’s up to you to think if it’s worth it.

Gear Ratio Considerations

The gear ratio is a crucial factor in portal lifts which is why you should do your best to familiarize yourself with it.

A higher gear ratio offers more ground clearance but can impact the Polaris General's speed and overall handling. Select a gear ratio that offers a balance, enhancing elevation without significantly altering the vehicle’s performance characteristics.

Durability and Material Quality

Given the rugged nature of off-roading, the durability of portal gear lifts is very important, especially because portal gear lifts aren’t cheap.

Look for lifts constructed with high-strength materials like chromoly steel, especially in critical areas like axles. These materials ensure the lift can withstand the stresses of off-road driving. Additionally, consider the quality of smaller components like bushings and linkages, as these play a significant role in the overall resilience and performance of the lift.

Installation and Maintenance

Consider the complexity of installation and ongoing maintenance of your Polaris General portal lift kit.

A lift that is straightforward to install and maintain adds to the practicality of the upgrade. Regular maintenance checks will be essential to ensure the longevity and performance of the lift, especially after intense off-road sessions.