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With a vast catalog of Polaris General windshields that includes Polaris General glass windshields, Polaris General flip-up windshields, and Polaris General half windshields, you won’t struggle to find the precise windshield to fit your every need when shopping at Everything Polaris Ranger! The versatility of Polaris General tip-out windshields, Polaris General folding windshields, and Polaris General windshields with removable upper sections makes these types of windshields extremely popular among riders around the world, but Polaris General vented windshields as well as Polaris General rear windshields are also highly sought after!

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Everything Polaris Ranger offers numerous windshield options for your Polaris General - Front Windshields, Rear Windshields, DOT rated Glass Windshields, Polycarbonate Windshields, and more! Dial up a little-added comfort to your trail riding experience with a rugged and durable UTV windshield from us. Forget about those nasty tree branches whacking you in the face as you crash through the underbrush, or that glob of mud in your eye as you splash and slosh - our windshields give you the coverage you've been looking for! All the windshields we offer carry an impressive level of craftsmanship and attention to detail! You'll wish you had installed one sooner! Everything Polaris Ranger carries windshields for just about every model of the Polaris General - Polaris General 1000 and more! Look no further than Everything Polaris Ranger for your windshield and windscreen-related aftermarket accessory needs!

Be it a Ryfab, Spike, SuperATV, or a stock Polaris General windshield, everyone and their mother has an opinion on the best type of side by side windshield for the Polaris General. Some say that Polaris General poly windshields are junk and scratch too easily. Others argue that Polaris General glass windshields are too brittle and liable to shatter, have the laminate come off, or splinter under the lightest of contact. Full Polaris General windshields are hot in the summer, half Polaris General windshields are cold in the winter, on and on they go, pontificating their views with nothing but anecdotal evidence.

The right Polaris General windshield for you will depend on how hard you ride Polaris General, where you ride your Polaris General, and a variety of other factors. If you really bang around off road a lot, it might be wise to get a poly windshield for your General -- if only so you don't crack a $700 glass windshield. Polaris General tip-out glass windshields are nice and versatile, but they are more prone to breaking. Plus, you can get a cheap poly Polaris General half windshield for summer if you want and a solid glass Polaris General windshield for winter for less than the price of a Polaris General tip-out glass windshield. They take literally seconds to swap out, so that’s definitely an option. You should really take a long hard look at the terrain where you ride and let that dictate your decision about which Polaris General windshield to buy. If you’re a leisure cruiser and value high visibility, glass windshields are a great option. However, if you ride hard in the backwoods, glass windshields are more likely to get destroyed/cracked due to debris, trees, rocks, etc.

Aside from the material used to make Polaris General windshields, many UTV riders find that with some Polaris General windshields, rainwater is able to infiltrate the cab via gaps between the roof and windshield of the General. The first thing you should do if you’re experiencing this problem is to make sure your Polaris General windshield is on the tabs at the bottom. If not, your Polaris General’s windshield will be too far down and won't seal properly with the roof and frame. If you’ve checked this but to no avail, homemade solutions like gorilla tape, weather stripping, caulk, or foam pool noodles can act as a short-term solution, but a better way to prevent this problem is to get a Polaris General windshield seal kit. They are fast, easy, and definitely worth the little extra cash you’ll shell out to get one. Plus, these side by side windshield seal kits go all the way around the windshield of your Polaris General on both sides, and you can get them for the front and rear windows of your Polaris General -- a far better solution than stuffing rags in the gap!

No more swallowing bugs and getting hit by branches. Protect your face and the interior of your rig with windshields from Everything Polaris Ranger. Customize your Polaris General with hard or soft, front or rear windshield options, according to your needs. With many different options for you to choose from, you can get a Rear Tinted Windshield for your Polaris General 1000 or a Scratch-Resistant Vented Full Windshield for your Polaris General 4 1000. We also supply Folding, Tinted, Half Glass, Laminated Glass, and Sliding Rear Windows. Additionally, we have Windshield Wiper Kits and Self Install Vent Kits to ensure that your windshield remains clean, and you can still get air inside the cab. With the top brands in aftermarket UTV brands, you know that your windshield will out-perform and out-last all others.