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Dobek Performance are the market leaders in aftermarket powersports technology. They set the bar so high when it comes to the controllers that you have come to know and rely on that they are unquestionably at the top of the aftermarket industry in their field.

Dobek performance has been advancing technology for the Polaris Ranger since 1997. The company has undergone many transformations including the move of their operations across states over the years, but one thing they have not changed their position on is maintaining and improving the quality of controller that they offer to their customers.

The founder of what has become Dobeck Performance, Mark Dobeck, introduced the jet kit and inertia dynamometer through what was then called Techlusion. It was the birth of the controller, a fuel management solution for EFI vehicles. Now, in the facility that they have been in since May 2008, Dobek Performance is poised to continue charging the way forward with their innovation.

The aftermarket powesports technology that is the Dobeck Performance EFI Controller, is able to meet the needs of the ever-advancing fuel injection systems that the Polaris Ranger features. The Dobeck Performance GEN 3 gives users a fuel solution for Polaris Ranger systems that include nitrous, boost and O2 sensors. The GEN 3 also features evidence of the evolution of Dobeck Performance moving from the use of a screwdriver to adjust the user interface, to an easy to use and understand push button system.

With their eyes on constant and consistent advancement, there is no telling what the true limits are for Dobeck Performance and what this company can and possibly will come up with to improve the ride that you get out of your Polaris Ranger. Whether you use your UTV for recreation or for work, fuel efficiency is something that you pay close attention to and Dobeck Performance understands this better than any other company that makes aftermarket powersports technology.

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