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DUX Signal Kits

They say if you want something done well, do it yourself. Neil Ternet did just that when he realized that the more states, he attempted to ride his UTV on the road in, the more that he was told he could not because he did not have a horn or turn signals. DUX Signal Kits were born from the hands of Neil Ternet, who as much as he liked rebuilding and restoring machines did not intend to start a business that would set him on a path to commercially supplying aftermarket signal kits for Polaris Rangers.

DUX Signal Kits are easy to install and are easy on the eyes once installed so that it is no surprise that Mr. Ternet’s signal kits became the hit that they have in the aftermarket parts industry. If you are looking to take your Polaris Ranger on the road then you can turn to DUX Signal Kits to get from the wiring to the lights that you need in no time and with ease.

The best parts are made by riders who understand the need for the aftermarket parts that you add to your UTV to be o par with the originals that they replace or even moreso to be better than the parts that they have replaced. The add-ons that you choose for your Side x Side are what will determine the way that your machine performs in general, but when you think about the safety of your Polaris Ranger you may underestimate the importance of having indicators and a horn system that could help prevent a nasty accident. This is where you can depend on DUX Signal Kits.

DUX Signal kits do not only function well, allowing your machine to be able to ride on the road, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and easy on your pocket. These aftermarket turn signals and horns can mean the difference between life and death and to think they all came from the heart of someone whose passion was to ride his UTV where he pleased.

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