Founded in 1943, Kolpin Powersports began as a sewn-goods operation in Wisconsin. Owned and operated by Howard Kolpin, an avid hunter, and archer, Kolpin Powersports has been dedicated to bringing customers unique and innovative products for over 65 years. They are now currently headquartered in Minnesota and strive to find new value in products their customers are sure to love.

If you’re a hunter, outdoorsman, rancher, farmer, or anything in-between, Kolpin Powersports has a product for you. Don’t let the name fool you! Kolpin is all about more than just the sporting side of ATVs and UTVs. They also offer practical tools to help you get the job done in less time and with less energy expended on your part. Kolpin’s all about the whole sport, from the moment you head out to the drive back home.  

Equipped with in-house engineering teams, Kolpin experts are able to optimize and improve their products to bring their customers only the best. Their research and development tests run each item through the gauntlet, so whatever rough and tough jobs you need to tackle, Kolpin’s products are there, working as tirelessly as you do.

Kolpin Powersports also funds and supports developing the love of the sport in future generations. Passions only stay lit by the teachings and inspiration of those who have become experts in the field, and with the ever-present growth of technology, enjoying the outdoors isn’t always on most peoples’ priority list. Kolpin Powersports is working to change that.

Check out some of the great products from Kolpin below, such as the gun mounts and gun boots they feature, their rear windshields, and the high-performance line of winches they stock. They also offer cab heaters, hard tops, plows, short windscreens, and many other great products. Help support the cause, and purchase a Kolpin Powersports product today!

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