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Introducing the New Polaris Ranger Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

Feb 15th 2024

Introducing the New Polaris Ranger Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

Whether it’s just a “bit of frosting” or a whole heap of fresh powder, our incredible lineup of Polaris Ranger Snowblowers by Bercomac will make short work of that snow-covered trail. Available in a diverse range of sizes, these snow-clearing powerhouses are designed for efficiency and optimized for your Ranger so you don’t have to worry about damaging your side-by-side just to clear your property. After one use, you’ll be jumping out of bed like a kid on those snowy mornings. Let your family give you weird looks—they just don’t get it. First off, let’s start our breakdown of our favorite line of ATV snowblowers with the all-important issue of power.

Power-Packed for Serious Plowing

All the power in the world won’t do you much good if your snowblower/plow combo is off balance, straining your attachment points and sapping your efficiency. Before we talk about pure power then, it’s important to note that these Polaris Ranger Snowblowers by Bercomac come with a centrally installed motor for perfect balance. That said, the versatile Polaris Ranger 54” Premium Snowblower can accommodate motors ranging from 13 to 23 horsepower. We recommend taking advantage of an additional Bercomac exhaust silencer if you’re using a 2-cylinder Honda motor with a horsepower of 20 to 24. Suffice it to say, even the lower end of this range will be enough to blast through snowy terrain.

                                      A front-oblique image of the Polaris Ranger with a Bercomac Snowblower attached, riding on a snowy landscape

Massive Work Capacity

With a highly generous 54" wide opening and a 21" high blower, the Polaris Ranger 54" ensures that no snowbank is too much for your ATV to handle. The extendible frame, adjustable from 73" to 112", adds flexibility, making it suitable for various ATV models. Pair this with the rugged, off road-worthy wheels that ensure superior adaptability to any terrain, and you have an ATV-mounted snowblower that will go just about anywhere and clear just about anything. Whether navigating through deep snow or tackling uneven landscapes, this snowblower is up to the task.

A Smorgasbord of Sizes and Setups

Everyone has unique needs that can vary based on their particular property, how they’ve kitted out their side-by-side, and so on. As Polaris Ranger enthusiasts themselves, Bercomac serves their diverse customer base by providing a broad range of sizes and motor options. Choose from the 48" with a 15HP motor, 54" with a 15HP motor, 54" with a powerful 22HP motor, 66" with a 22HP motor, or go big with the 72" option, also powered by a robust 22HP motor.

Simple Installation and Removal

Another game-changing feature of the Polaris Ranger 54" is its quick hook-on and off capability, taking under 4 minutes. This gives you the ability to smoothly transition between “snow removal mode” and your standard riding setup, maximizing the use of your Polaris Ranger ATV while cutting down significantly on the hassle. The sub frame attaches to the rear of your ATV on the hitch ball, transferring weight to the suspension for enhanced maneuverability. And thanks to the intuitive electrical control unit, the power to adjust the chute, engage the clutch, and kill the engine is readily available at your fingertips.

                                            A close shot of the Bercomac Snowblower control unit, including a control stick, chute controls, clutch, and more.

Safety First

Let’s face it—this is not a lightweight accessory. When paired with snowy terrain and potentially limited visibility, the importance of safety couldn’t be more pressing. This is why Polaris Ranger Snowblowers by Bercomac feature a shear bolt safety system, ensuring both your peace of mind while using them and enhancing longevity. This single-belt system incorporates a BX 55 belt for an even greater lifespan.

Why We Stand by Bercomac

As you can see, this powerful line of Bercomac snowblowers has taken a very practical, real-life approach to addressing the needs of Polaris Ranger owners with precise engineering, plenty of power, a versatile range of options, and key safety features. Simply put, this is our favorite line of ATV-grade snowblowers, and we don't see them being unseated any time soon. Find the perfect fit for you today and never worry about snow on your property again!