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Polaris Ranger Doors Analysis: A Complete Overview And Buyer's Guide

Whether you’re looking to stay warm by keeping heat in the cab of your Polaris Ranger during those chilly winter months, or attempting to child-proof your machine to reduce the risk of losing a kid on the trail, aftermarket Polaris Ranger doors are multifaceted UTV accessories that provide a multitude of benefits.

With options for all budgets -- ranging from mesh netting and half doors to full doors and cab enclosures -- many riders choose non-Polaris-branded aftermarket side-by-side doors for their rigs. While price and customer service obviously come into play, a major reason why people have strayed from OEM parts is quality -- with fitment being a key issue. With regards to OEM Polaris doors -- even doors that have been properly hinged and adjusted -- there are often finger-sized gaps, alignment issues, and rattling noises experienced after install. Most of these problems can be remedied with a little ingenuity. You could buy a cab seal kit, throw a few shims in here and there, and use automotive weatherstripping and foam to seal it up tighter than a frog’s ass, but with so many quality side-by-side doors on the market, why would you if you could avoid it? With this in mind, let’s investigate some of the better options for Polaris Ranger doors.

Polaris Ranger Doors

Polaris Ranger Mesh Doors

Mesh netting doors can give you added safety and peace of mind. They’ll keep you, your equipment, and other passengers from falling off without sequestering you from the fresh air of the great outdoors. Unlike solid plastic or metal doors which get extremely hot in the summer sun, you can rest your arms on mesh doors without getting burned -- it should be noted, however, that it’s not super comfortable and they do sag over time.

Polaris Ranger Half Doors

A nice middle ground between the mesh and full doors, half doors give you that solid barrier while still allowing for a nice breeze. When coupled with a half windshield, half doors help with dust, but they don’t eliminate it (pro tip, sealing the storage compartments under the seats help a lot with dust). High Lifter makes a great half door, and so does SuperATV.  

Polaris Ranger Soft Doors

Soft doors -- often made from polymer fabrics and canvas -- like the ones by Seizmik, GCL UTV, or Spike Powersports are cheap yet functional. They don’t provide as much protection as hard doors (often without a complete seal around the top or perimeter), but at a fraction of the cost, they are the better option for many riders. Plus, the higher quality soft doors latch really well at high speeds/during windy days and are easy to put on and remove.

They are lightweight with either zip-down or Velcro windows, easy to store if you take them off in the summertime. Take note of warranties as well. Seizmik is notorious for its lifetime warranty policy. Even if you break it and it’s completely your own fault, they still replace the broken component, no questions asked.  

Polaris Ranger Full-Length Hard Doors

For those that don’t want to dick around in the garage all day to obtain a tight seal, a perfect latch, and a non-rattle hinge, a full poly door may be worth the extra cost. Find some with power windows and you’ll be cruising like royalty. Spike makes a good solid full door, and so does SuperATV -- the latter even coming with graphics that match your machine.

Wrapping Up

With Polaris Ranger doors, as with many things in life, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best door for you will depend on the particular Ranger you have, the conditions where you ride, and what is important to you. If you like airflow, half doors are probably your best bet. If you ride in winter and hate the cold, full canvas and poly doors would likely suit you. Whatever your needs may be and regardless of how many digits are in your bank account, Everything Polaris Ranger has the right doors for you!

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