Top Five UTV Accessories To Get You Through Winter

Feb 23rd 2020

As a UTV owner, bringing your unit out into the chilly elements for work or play can be a breeze with the right accessories. Whether you live in the suburbs or out in the sticks with several miles separating you from your nearest neighbor, here are five accessories that will help you through the last stretch of winter before the flowers begin to bloom and the snow makes way for greener days.

Polaris Ranger Plow

A plow attachment will make even the strongest snowstorms look like a breeze, giving users the opportunity to clear their driveways quickly and easily without the added time and pain of using a shovel or a snowblower. Stow the shovel in the back of the garage and save the back pain for another day by attaching your plow, jumping behind the wheel of your UTV and clearing away snow in record-time. 

The Eagle Plow Mount System promises a user-friendly process that is sure to make installation a breeze for even the novice UTV rider. The extra-wide 72-inch design was built with durability and usability in mind. It plows a wide path and features end supports for added strength and durability. Retailing at 609.95 on, this plow is a must-have for riders residing in the north, in the mountains, or anyone simply looking to get something out of their way in a hurry.

Polaris Ranger Cab Enclosure

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the balmy summer days make way for cool winter months. A cab enclosure allows users to take their unit out on the trails for some good ol’ fashion fun to enjoy the Winter Wonderland while remaining safe and comfortable within their UTV.

The PathPro RCS Cab Enclosure by Curtis Industries can be used in any season. The windshield opens to increase ventilation, and a wiper kit can be added to clear away rain or snow. The quick-release mounting system will allow users to quickly add or remove cab components in changing weather patterns, with no time wasted in the installation process- the windshield can be installed and ready within one minute, allowing users to hop in and go. No matter the weather conditions, the PathPro RCS Cab Enclosure is sure to give users the ultimate experience, rain or shine!

Polaris Ranger Winch

That huge pile of snow in your driveway may be begging to be bulldozed, but sometimes plowing straight through will only leave your unit stuck with few options of how to get it free. Rather than waiting weeks for the spring thaw, a winch can make quick work of getting you or your friends out of a sticky situation. Whether you need to pull yourself out of a pile of snow or move a downed tree off the trail, a winch is the ultimate solution to getting out of a bind and back on the road in no time.

The Synthetic Rope Winch by SuperATV promises fast results with a 50-foot, 6.5mm thick synthetic rope and a wireless remote control that will get you out of almost anything. The weather-proof seals promise to keep your gears turning even in the worst of conditions, and a smooth, reliable electric system will keep your battery running. The synthetic rope is light, safe and won’t rust- a huge benefit for those of us experiencing snow flurries outside our windows during the cold months!

Polaris Ranger Heater

We keep ourselves warm inside our homes, so why not in our UTV’s as well? A heater will do exactly as promised: heat up your cab and create a balmy, comfortable environment that rivals even the natural conditions of a warm summer day. Get the beauty of winter and the warm benefits of summer, all in one package!

The Polaris Ranger 800 Cab Heater by Curtis Industries comes equipped with a defroster and two additional lower vents for the driver and passenger to ensure ultimate comfort while hitting the trails during the snowy months. The heater installs directly to the inside of the cab to create the best environment possible for both rider and passenger. Riding is made far more enjoyable while comfortable, and the Heater for the Polaris Ranger ensures that users are in the lap of luxury during even the coldest rides.

Polaris Ranger Windshield

A front windshield protects users from the bite of the cold air while ensuring the safety and protection of all occupants. Riders and passengers will enjoy prolonged comfort, ensuring that the fun continues without interruption. 

The Polaris Ranger Full Utility Windshield will keep the cold air and elements out of your cab while creating a comfortable ride for you and your friends. The installation is quick and easy, with a simple removal process for the days where you’d prefer a nice breeze to blow through the cabin. The premium .177 inch thick polycarbonate ensures durability and longevity for years of enjoyment.

Just because the trails are covered in snow and the temperatures are low doesn’t mean you should let your UTV gather dust for several months out of the year. By taking the right steps and adding the right accessories, UTV owners can enjoy the winter months behind the wheel of their unit to keep the air full of the sound of revved engines year-round. So layer up, get outside, and enjoy your unit to the fullest!