Polaris Ranger 500/570 Complete Snow Plow System by Eagle Plow

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SKU: 2857x
BRAND: Eagle Plow
The Polaris Ranger Mid-Size Plow System with Push Tube is one of the strongest on the market. This aftermarket plow for the Polaris Ranger is one crucial upgrade to the functionality of your UTV. Featuring a blade, push tube, and model-specific mounting plate, this complete plow kit is packed with all of the essential parts you need to get the job done. Made of high-quality steel and a size that is specifically designed for your Ranger, this Plow System is second to none. Easily install this Eagle Plow system, and you’ll be ready to take snow plowing to a whole new level.
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Getting rid of mounds of snow just got easier with the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size Plow System with Push Tube by Eagle Plow. This plow system features a 7-gauge steel mount with grade 5 hardware and a single piece design for much-needed security when attaching such a hard-working piece of machinery. Also included in this kit is the V-shaped push tube. This push tube has 5 convenient pivot positions up to a 26.5” angle adjustment and four-position 3/8” thick blade pitch stop. These built-in blade pitch stops are perfect for bumping into large rock or debris and saving your blade from becoming dented. The Eagle Plow standard plow is specifically designed to fit your Polaris Ranger. With 11-gauge steel, the plow in this system is nothing short of the ultimate heavy-duty equipment.

Take on your next snow job, fully equipped with the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size Plow System with Push Tube by Eagle Plow. This plow system can easily swivel around obstacles and scoop mountainous mound of snow with ease. Made of high-grade steel and only the most durable hardware on the market, the Eagle Plow snow plow system is a critical piece of equipment for your UTV. Pick out your size, and easily install the Eagle Plow Plow System with Push Tube for Mid-Size Polaris Ranger.

Plow Mount Features:

  • Manufactured from 7-gauge steel
  • Single-piece design
  • Includes Grade 5 hardware and mounting instructions
  • Made in U.S.A

Push Tube Features:

  • Strongest in the industry!
  • Features a V-shaped push tube for added stability
  • Lifts up to 28"
  • Winch lift only
  • Standard Eagle Plow Swivel
  • 5/8" blade swivel pivot mount and pin
  • 1/2" blade mounting pivots
  • Swivel is constructed of 3/8" thick material and 1-3/4" angle iron for strength and wear
  • Swivel attaches to blade 20" apart for the strongest blade mounting system
  • Built-in blade stops (prevents dented blade)
  • Five pivot positions up to 26.5" angle adjustment
  • Four-position, 3/8" thick blade pitch stop

Country Plow Features:

  • 60" wide design specifically for Ranger Mid-Size
  • Manufactured from 12-gauge steel
  • Rolls the snow away from the path
  • Includes the top rubber flap
  • Plow color is black

Standard Plow Features:

  • 60", 66" and 72" wide design specifically for UTVs
  • Extra-wide 72" design plows a wide path and features end supports for added strength
  • Manufactured from 12-gauge steel
  • Plow color is black

Note: Some mounts may recommend off-season removal to maintain ground clearance.

Product Fitment

Mid-Size Vehicle 2022 Ranger 500 2022 Ranger EV 2021 Ranger 500 2021 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2021 Ranger EV 2020 Ranger 500 2020 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2020 Ranger EV 2019 Ranger 500 2019 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2019 Ranger EV/ION 2018 Ranger 500 2018 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2018 Ranger EV/ION 2017 Ranger 500 2017 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2017 Ranger EV/ION 2016 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2016 Ranger EV/ION 2015 Ranger 570 (Pro-fit Bars) 2015 Ranger EV 2014 Ranger 570 (Round Bars) 2013 Ranger 500 2012 Ranger 500 2011 Ranger 500
Full-Size Vehicle 2023 Ranger 570 (Round Bars) 2022 Ranger 570 (Round Bars) 2021 Ranger 570 (Round Bars) 2020 Ranger 570 (Round Bars) 2019 Ranger 570 (Round Bars) 2018 Ranger 570 (Round Bars) 2017 Ranger 570 (Round Bars) 2016 Ranger 570 (Round Bars)
Crew Vehicle 2021 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2020 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2019 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2018 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2017 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2016 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2015 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize 2014 Ranger Crew 570 Midsize
General Vehicle No fitments


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