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The 2021 Polaris Ranger Lineup Released: First Impressions

Details on Polaris’ 2021 Ranger lineup have been released, and to the joy of those who recently purchased a 2020 Polaris Ranger, no huge changes were announced. However, long-time side-by-side riders know that even the smallest of changes can make outsized differences, and when you’re building on a machine that is already leading the industry, sometimes the best thing you can do is maintain the status quo. While some riders have already taken delivery of the 2021 Polaris Ranger 570 and 500, the details on the other vehicles in Polaris’ 2021 fleet have been nothing but speculation… until now. So let’s get to it and see what’s going on with the 2021 Polaris Ranger lineup. 

Changing Up The Colors On The 2021 Polaris Ranger

Polaris got rid of the Sage Green and Metallic Sand color options on the 2021 Polaris Ranger 1000 XP, making it available in Burgundy Metallic, Ghost White, and Matte Navy, and Cammo. They stuck with the orange and grey options for the High Lifter Edition, and introduced a new Trail Boss Edition that comes in white. Ask anyone who rides hard, though, and they’ll tell you that a white-colored body is particularly hard to keep clean, especially with regards to mud stains. 

The 2021 Polaris General

Like the other 2021 Ranger models, the most salient difference between the 2021 Polaris General and its predecessor is purely cosmetic. However, even though they didn’t release a High Lifter, North Star, or Turbo General edition like many riders had hoped, Polaris was able to fix the belt slap issues that plagued the clutches of older Polaris General editions. 

The 2021 Polaris Ranger High Lifter

One of the biggest difference between the 2021 and 2020 High Lifter Polaris Ranger is that they now come stock with 30” Outlaw tires instead of 28” tires. They also altered the headlights, stuck with the same wheel base, and dropped the travel one inch from 11” on the 2020 High Lifter model to 10” on the 2021 model.

The 2021 Polaris Ranger XP Series

A nice surprise for Ranger owners who have experienced turf mode issues is that all 2021 Rangers have geared reverse instead of reverse chains. But with the Polaris Ranger XP edition specifically, the 2021 models have a beefier front end, a rear that is 50% stronger, a stiffer frame, and a larger rear box. This might have some implications for aftermarket a-arms, which could need a redesign to fit these new models, but time will tell with that. Further differences in the 2021 XP 1000 Rangers include the addition of 14” stock rims, a battery charger port, and a fresh front bumper. The 2021 XP 1000 Ranger can also be upgraded with factory LED headlights, but if you cost it out, you’d be better off with an aftermarket headlight kit from a company like BeamTech, Quad Logic, or Heretic Studio

New 2021 Polaris Ranger Editions

As we mentioned earlier, Polaris is introducing a new special edition 2021 vehicle: the Polaris Ranger Trail Boss. This edition is replacing the Back Country edition, and it can be upgraded with the NorthStar package as well. Like the Texas Ranger edition, the Trail Boss comes with load-adaptive rear shocks, which are designed to automatically adjust to support added weight. This might seem like overkill for some applications, but it’s perfect for those who frequently pile on and deposit heavy loads. 

Closing Thoughts On The 2021 Polaris Ranger Lineup

If you were hoping for major changes to the Polaris Ranger’s interior or exterior this year, you’ll just have to keep waiting. Perhaps there’s more to the 2021 Ranger lineup than is knowable at this point, and when they finally drop, further feedback, additional information, and real-life reviews will become available. For now, however, we are content with the changes made. After all, if you’re not satisfied with a particular aspect of your ride, aftermarket parts, accessories, and alterations are only a few clicks away!

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