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Clutches & Clutch Kits

The stock clutching unit on the Polaris General is suited reasonably well for the 27” factory tires it comes with. And for mixed-use and general applications, re-clutching your Polaris General may not be necessary. However, for serious side by side riders who want to unlock that extra torque, added horsepower, and faster gear shifts hiding under the hood, a UTV clutch kit meticulously tuned for the Polaris General can maximize your machine’s performance and complement your particular riding style. Larger UTV tires, for example, will hurt the performance of the stock Polaris General clutch due to its idiosyncratic gearing characteristics. So if you’re a mud fiend, a sand dune cruiser, or a hill climber with beefy aftermarket tires, you are leaving a great deal of performance on the table with the stock Polaris General clutch system.


23 products

23 products

Side by side companies such as SuperATV, EPI Performance, and Highlifter are three among many firms that we collaborate with to provide you with the latest and greatest in Polaris General clutch kits, clutch components, and other clutch-related aftermarket accessories. Whether you’re looking for a mud riding clutch kit that improves low- and mid-range engagement, a hill climbing clutch kit that is designed to get vehicles up hills with an enhanced throttle response and lightning fast shifting, or a general performance side by side clutch kit for all-around performance boosts in both work and play applications, at Everything Polaris Ranger we’ve got clutches for every type of UTV riding imaginable. Get more giddyup-and-go in your UTV, boost your machine’s torque without sacrificing horsepower, and experience less belt slippage and heat buildup with an aftermarket Polaris General clutch kit from Everything Polaris Ranger.

Your riding experience on either the 2020 General 4 1000 or 2020 General 1000 models can be constrained highly if you do not have clutches, clutch kits or other clutch accessories that match the quality of these new UTV models. Your performance will be reduced and not to mention efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As side by side enthusiasts, we believe that nothing should hold you back from experiencing a ride of unmatched performance or a farming activity of speed and efficiency. Achieving that with our clutch aftermarket accessories does not need you to break the bank as our customer focus ensures we give the most competitive prices that the industry has to offer. That is not all, these high-quality clutches and clutch kits are specifically designed for the new models, that is, the 2020 General 1000 and 2020 General 4 1000. The sweet mix of value, performance, utter ruggedness and ultra-efficiency makes the products to be among the most desired. Do not hesitate as our choice of clutches have been tried and proved to offer you the unparalleled experience you can ride or race with your UTV.

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