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Shocks & Springs

Everything Polaris Ranger offers the ultimate suspension upgrade for Polaris Ranger Mid-Size vehicles. For the smoothest ride, choose the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size shocks and springs. Everything Polaris Ranger has a range of options available including front and rear springs, HD springs, spring kits, Polaris Ranger 570 Mid-Size shocks, gas shocks, and shock limiter straps from reputable brands like Bronco and SuperATV. You won't find a better selection of high-quality suspension upgrades for your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size than at Everything Polaris Ranger. Upgrade your vehicle today and enjoy the plushest suspension in town.

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Off-road rides can be tough and formidable, testing the limits of your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger. However, this does not necessarily mean that you or your passengers should endure discomfort and pain. If you feel aches and pains in your lower back after your off-road trips, it may be time to upgrade your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger's suspension system with new aftermarket side by side shocks and springs.

The factory shocks and springs that come with your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger can be adequate for the first few years of use, but they can quickly lose their effectiveness over time. In addition, if you have an aggressive riding style or the terrain in your area is challenging, the OEM shocks and springs may not be enough to handle the rigors of your ride. Fortunately, there is no shortage of aftermarket Mid-Size Polaris Ranger shocks and springs to choose from, and you can find all the best ones at Everything Polaris Ranger.

One such upgrade that can offer a dramatic improvement in shock absorption and handling for your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger is a set of gas shocks. The Polaris Ranger 500/570/ETX Mid Size Heavy Duty Gas Shocks by Bronco is a perfect example. These gas shocks feature pre-installed springs and a bolt-on design for quick and easy installation. They also feature springs that are 10% stiffer than stock, providing a better ride and higher load capacity. In addition to offering this quality selection of Mid-Size Polaris Ranger shocks and springs, Everything Polaris Ranger also has a wide range of aftermarket UTV suspension parts and accessories such as limit straps, seal kits, pre-load rings, and shock guards.

Swapping out the factory springs, shocks, or struts on your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size can give you a smoother ride, higher ground clearance, and increased travel. Aftermarket Polaris Ranger shocks and suspension kits can provide these benefits and more. At Everything Polaris Ranger, you can find a wide range of shock options that fit your riding style, whether you're looking for burly sports shocks to tackle hills and mud pits, durable utility shocks that will function reliably for years to come, or high-performance race shocks for top-speed drag races.

Many riders choose to retrofit their machines with heavy-duty spring replacements by installing aftermarket EV springs on the factory struts and shocks. This stiffens up the ride and increases the UTV's handling capabilities, reducing sagging under heavy loads. Longer shocks can also provide higher ground clearance and more travel time, allowing your Ranger to bear the brunt of bumps and drops without bottoming out or becoming overloaded. Many aftermarket UTV shocks are adjustable in terms of spring preload/crossover and come with features such as velocity-sensitive damping, multiway compression reservoirs, and the ability to be rebuilt or revealed.

By upgrading your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size with aftermarket shocks and shock accessories, you can customize your riding experience and improve your UTV's performance and durability. At Everything Polaris Ranger, you can find the best brands in aftermarket UTV accessories, ensuring that you get high-quality shocks and shock accessories that fit your budget and performance needs. With beefed-up suspension, you can handle anything that comes your way and enjoy a comfortable, safe, and exciting off-road experience like never before. So, don't settle for less any longer and upgrade your UTV's suspension system with top-quality aftermarket shocks and accessories today!