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​Most Popular Fishing Accessories For The Polaris Ranger

Sep 13th 2022

​Most Popular Fishing Accessories For The Polaris Ranger

The Polaris Ranger is a versatile machine that riders use for everything from work to recreation. Included in the long list of activities that one can partake in using aPolaris Ranger is fishing. Not only will a UTV like the Polaris Ranger get you and your passengers to the most secluded of fishing spots, but your Ranger will also help to haul all the required supplies, tools, and gear that you’ll need for the day or weekend! Kayaks and pontoon boats can be easily strapped to the top or rear section of a Ranger, and with a hitch receiver and snow tracks, you’ll be able to tow the most luxurious of shelters when ice fishing during the winter. Regardless of whether your go-to fishing spot is a pond, a river, the ocean, or a frozen lake, here are the most popular fishing accessories for the Polaris Ranger!

Fishing Rod Holders For The Polaris Ranger

Polaris Ranger Fishing Rod Holders

For those who spend more time untangling their fishing lines than they do actually fishing, a pole holder is the way to go. Although the lock-and-ride bed box of contemporary Polaris Rangers already has holes that work great for holding rod handles and dip nets, they aren’t the best for transporting fishing poles straight up when riding through thick timber. When you’re bank fishing and need a place to put your rod, these holes in the factory bed are awesome. But when you’re headed to or from the fishing hole, you’ll be liable to snap a rod if you're not careful!

Some folks break their poles down, rubber-band the sections together, and put them in the two center holes behind the cab during transit. Others utilize soft cases, or simply opt for shorter poles like the Quantum Telecast. Alternatively, home-made fishing pole holders for the Polaris Ranger are also an option. One popular design uses a piece of pipe insulation cut in half and placed on the front and rear roof bars. Then, you simply put your poles on top facing backwards and secure them in place with a bungee cord. Alternatively, some slide-in PVC pipes that go into the precut holes in the bed can also work as makeshift fishing pole holders. All you have to do is put your pole in there upside down, and cut out a little notch at the top for the reel!

For a more professional Polaris Ranger fishing rod holder, companies like Anglers Fish-N-Mate make a few different products. Some mount to the bumper and fold down, and others slide into the hitch receiver and act as both a rod holder as well as a cooler / luggage basket! If you use your rear hitch receiver, you’ll need to be cautious of mud, dust, and flying rocks. But if you use a front-end hitch receiver, the Anglers Fish-N-Mate rod rack / cooler mount works wonders!

Fishing Rod Holders for your Polaris Ranger

Polaris Ranger Ice Fishing Accessories

Where UTV ice fishing accessories are concerned, there are must-have accessories, and there nice-to-have accessories. No matter where you’re ice fishing, you’ll need a way to break through to the water below. Ice augers are the best tool for this, and to transport your auger from place to place, Polaris Ranger ice auger mounts / boots come in handy. The Stronghold Ice Rod Boot by Kolpin Powersports is the preferred ice auger holder for most riders, but other options like those by Minn-Dakota Industries exist as well.

To stay warm on the way to and from the ice, enclosed cabs and heaters are both luxuries that many riders regard as compulsory. And with a topper / bed cover, you can protect the contents of your bed from slush and snow. Some Ranger owners cut holes directly in the floors of their UTVs to fish from, using catch covers and sleeves to keep snow and mud from getting in between the floor and the skid plate. If you’re just a casual ice fisher though, you’ll probably be fine with a Fireball Caboose ice shanty or a ProFab / Otter flip-down ice shack.

Polaris Ranger with Ice shack

Miscellaneous Polaris Ranger Fishing Accessories

Polaris Ranger with tie-down straps, cooler and other miscellaneous fishing accessories

To secure your boat to the roof or bed of your Ranger, tie-down straps or even aftermarket tie-down anchors will ensure that it doesn’t fall off, slip, or slide around. And to avoid scarring away fish from the bank, serious fishermen and women often install exhaust silencers to mitigate noise, and Seizmik lighted side mirrors that emit green light for stealth. Finally, to keep your fish fresher for longer, the right cooler will make a night-and-day difference!