Obtain both Polaris Ranger Mid-Size coolers as well as Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooler mounts at unbeatable prices from the ultimate UTV accessory emporium: Everything Polaris Ranger. Regardless if you’re after a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooler kit with cooler tie-downs, a cooler rack, or strap-style cooler holders, or a soft-sided Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooler bag that you can stuff under the seats or wherever there’s space in the bed / cab, we’ve got what you need to keep food, drinks, bait, and everything else cold as can be!


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From Polaris Ranger Mid-Size under-seat cold chests and cargo bed coolers to factory-ready cooler boxes and soft-sided coolers, Everything Polaris Ranger has the widest selection of Polaris Ranger Mid-Size coolers and ice boxes to keep your food fresh, your drinks cold, and your recently-dressed game meat from spoiling. While cheap Igloo coolers and disposable styrofoam coolers are passable in the short term, if you use your machine for hunting, camping, or backwoods day-drinking, owning one or more quality Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooler is a must! And while you might be tempted to use the under-seat storage compartment of your UTV as a makeshift cooler, warmth from the engine and other friction-related heat sources will melt ice down there quicker than you can say Bob’s your uncle. So don’t make any sacrifices with your food & beverages and pick up a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooler from Everything Polaris Ranger today!

Although all the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size coolers available at Everything Polaris Ranger are capable of keeping your food and drinks cold for extended periods of time, not every Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooler is optimal in every situation. For day trips, picnics, or afternoon jaunts in the countryside, a small soft-sided Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooler should do the trick nicely. The Polaris Ranger Mid-Size 24-pack cooler bag by ATV TEK is a quality option, which utilizes premium thermal materials to keep its contents colder for longer. This soft Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooler is also built with a zipper-action lid and additional velcro / buckle supports for added strength, rigidity, and support to aid you during transport. On a similar vein, the mountable Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooler bags by Nelson-Gear are also high-quality units that function particularly well on off-road terrain. Nelson-Gear coolers for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size come with quick-release tie-downs on each corner to keep the Tri-Max Ballistic Nylon cooler secure and immobile no matter how bumpy the ride gets. And with reflective piping around the perimeter, the coolers by Nelson-Gear can be easily seen, opened, and closed in low-visibility scenarios. Why buy a cooler that also requires a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooler rack when you can pick up a UTV cooler from Everything Polaris Ranger made with built-in straps / tie-downs?

Instead of throwing a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size seat cooler in the passenger side or mounting a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooler in the bed of your vehicle, we’ve got cage-mounted cooler options that’ll both save space as well as add an extra element of convenience to your off-road cooler setup. The Polaris Ranger Roll Bar Coolers by Greene Mountain Outdoors, as an example, can be strapped directly onto the horizontal or vertical roll bars / support pillars of your side-by-side and its cargo racks. It can be loaded up with six 12-ounce cans from either side, and includes a shoulder strap in case you want to carry it on foot to a campsite, hunting blind, or picnic table. And best of all, because these coolers are made in America, you know that they’re made with care and will last for years to come!

Small Polaris Ranger Mid-Size coolers are all fine and good for short-duration rides, but when you need extra cooling capacity for several days’ worth of sustenance, 20-QT, 40-QT, and 60-QT coolers like the ones by Kolpin Powersports are the way to go. Pair your cooler of choice with a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size rear cooler rack or a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size front cooler holder and you’ll have a convenient food / drink stach that doesn’t take up an ungodly amount of cargo space. No matter what you do in your Mid-Size Ranger, you’re sure to find the perfect cooler to help you stay field and hydrated at Everything Polaris Ranger!

With a quality UTV cooler, you can expect things to stay cold for a weekend or so. But if you need long-lasting refrigeration, the 45L electric cooler by Rough Country is the perfect accessory for you! This Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooling unit can run on either 12V or AC 110, so as long as you’ve got power, you’ll have ice-cold food and beverages. While this might be overkill for some riders, it is almost compulsory for others. But regardless of your particular Polaris Ranger Mid-Size cooling needs, we’ve got a UTV cooler to meet them here at Everything Polaris Ranger!

The right cooler for you and your side by side will obviously depend on the volume of material you intend to carry, but the cooling duration, the frequency with which you open the cooler, and the mounting options at your disposal will also play a role in determining the best UTV cooler option for your needs. Ozark coolers, for example, are notorious for their cooling longevity. Fill one with ice on Saturday and it’ll stay cool till Thursday provided that the seal is tight and you keep it shut the entire time. Similar results can be obtained from pricier cooler brands like Yeti or the Polaris Northstar, but increasing competition within the industry has lowered prices for off-brand coolers that are equally if not more effective than their high-priced counterparts. For cost-conscious riders who would rather put that extra money into increased side-by-side performance, cheaper cooler options like RTIC or even Coleman prove the better option. Whatever your side by side budget may be, Everything Polaris Ranger has a cooler that will fit it. And while other aftermarket accessories can enhance your UTV, few can enhance your experience like a beer or food cooler.

The heat can be unforgiving but with a cooler on hand, you can relieve the blossoming desert in your throat while on the go. There are so many different sizes of coolers available that you can choose a few so that you would always be ready regardless of the occasion. For example if it's a beach day for two you can take along one of the smaller coolers on your Ranger 500, whereas if you head out in your Ranger 570 for a fishing trip with the guys you can take the cooler with the built-in bottle opener and scale so that you can weigh your catch. Most of these coolers are skid proof so that they will neither scrape the tray of your cargo area nor slide around while you are riding to or from your destination. The next time you take your Ranger EV out for a run, have a cooler on hand so that you can sip on something cool on your adventure.

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