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From Polaris Ranger under-seat cold boxes and cargo bed coolers to factory-ready cooler boxes and soft coolers, we’ve got the widest selection of UTV coolers and ice boxes to keep your food nice and fresh, your drinks as cold as the Rockies, and your recently-killed beasts or birds of chase from spoiling or going sour. While cheap Igloo and disposable styrofoam coolers can work half decently in a side by side for the short term, if you use your Mid-Size Ranger for hunting, camping, or backwoods day-drinking, owning one or more quality UTV cooler is a must. While you might be tempted to use the under seat storage compartment of your UTV as a makeshift cooler, warmth from the engine and other friction-related heat sources tend to melt ice fast down there.

The right cooler for you and your side by side will obviously depend on the volume of material you intend to carry, but the cooling duration, the frequency with which you open the cooler, and the mounting options at your disposal will also play a role in determining the best UTV cooler option for your needs. Ozark coolers, for example, are notorious for their cooling longevity. Fill one with ice on Saturday and it’ll stay cool till Thursday provided that the seal is tight and you keep it shut the entire time. Similar results can be obtained from pricier cooler brands like Yeti or the Polaris Northstar, but increasing competition within the industry has lowered prices for off-brand coolers that are equally if not more effective than their high-priced counterparts. For cost-conscious riders who would rather put that extra money into increased side-by-side performance, cheaper cooler options like RTIC or even Coleman prove the better option. Whatever your side by side budget may be, Everything Polaris Ranger has a cooler that will fit it. And while other aftermarket accessories can enhance your UTV, few can enhance your experience like a beer or food cooler.

The heat can be unforgiving but with a cooler on hand, you can relieve the blossoming desert in your throat while on the go. There are so many different sizes of coolers available that you can choose a few so that you would always be ready regardless of the occasion. For example if it's a beach day for two you can take along one of the smaller coolers on your 2020 Ranger 500, whereas if you head out in your 2020 Ranger 570 for a fishing trip with the guys you can take the cooler with the built-in bottle opener and scale so that you can weigh your catch. Most of these coolers are skid proof so that they will neither scrape the tray of your cargo area nor slide around while you are riding to or from your destination. The next time you take your 2020 Ranger EV out for a run, have a cooler on hand so that you can sip on something cool on your adventure.

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