The Most Useful Polaris Ranger Bed Accessories And Polaris Ranger Tailgate Accessories

Nov 15th 2021

Be it Polaris Ranger bed and tailgate accessories for big game hunting or Polaris Ranger bed and tailgate accessories for tools and work supplies, there are several categories of bed and tailgate accessories for the Polaris Ranger that prove incredibly useful in particular situations as well as while off-roading in general. Some bed accessories are for storage and protection, while others are for convenience and practicality. You won’t require every Polaris Ranger / Polaris General bed and tailgate accessory, but you’ll likely benefit from one of the following most useful Polaris Ranger bed and tailgate accessories!

Polaris Ranger Bed Boxes

If you’re interested in putting storage boxes in the back of your side-by-side, there’s no shortage of Polaris Ranger bed boxes and Polaris Ranger bed tool boxes made by industry-leading professionals like the folks at Moose, QuadBoss, EMP, and Sun Valley Fabrication. A good bed box for the Polaris Ranger should not only seal properly to protect the contents from moisture and dust, but it should also fit Tetris-style into your rig’s cargo bed to maximize space and increase the rig's overall carrying capacity.

Some Polaris Ranger bed boxes are made from lightweight materials such as low-density polyethylene. Steel, aluminum, and other types of metal bed boxes for the Polaris Ranger do have their place, but when your bike is weighed down to the max and pushing the limits of your springs and suspension system, the lighter you can make things, the better off you’ll be.

Size is also important when it comes to Polaris Ranger bed boxes. The Polaris Ranger Rear Bed Saddle / Storage Box by Moose, for example, measures 22 inches in length, 12.25 inches in width, and 12,5 inches in height, whereas full-width Polaris Ranger bed storage accessories like the Polaris Ranger Tool Box By UWS have a volume of 3.2 cubic-feet and extend the full width of your vehicle’s cargo bed (roughly 59 inches).

Fitment is important when it comes to cargo tray storage boxes for the Polaris Ranger. Kemimoto boxes are fantastic, but the latches on them overhang past the edge of the bed. This isn’t a problem for those who ride in wide-open areas, but if you trail ride and rub a tree with the rear end of your ride, the latch will get jacked -- or at the very least come ajar.

Removability, security, and stability are other important aspects of Polaris Ranger bed boxes. Some riders want a bed box that can be permanently fixed in the bed, while others prefer small-size removable bed boxes. Removable bed boxes, though, are more likely to slide around when unsecured. And even if your removable Polaris Ranger bed box comes with a padlock and other security features, bed boxes and / tool box accessories that are portable offer nothing to prevent people from absconding with them. You can pop a couple big machine screws from the inside of your bed box through to the bed rails to secure it, but bigger bed boxes for the Polaris Ranger are designed better so that they're irremovable once installed.

Polaris Ranger Bed Racks, Headache Racks, And Bed Rails

Bed boxes are great for small tools, emergency supplies, and equipment, but for larger items, a Polaris Ranger bed rack might be required. Many riders like over-the-bed UTV racks that are elevated above the lower bed platform. Others prefer rear luggage racks, headache racks / headache rails, and bed rails onto which long tools, spare tires, and extra gasoline can be mounted.

The off-road firms Trail Armor and Rough Country both make really nice bed racks, rear cargo racks, and bed rail racks for the Polaris Ranger lineup. Additionally, Hornet Outdoors and Razorback Offroad also make rear Polaris Ranger bed racks. Some bed racks are dual-platform and mount against the frame of the cabin, while others are bed rack / roof rack combos that run the full length of the machine.

If you want a Polaris Ranger roof rack that is fully compatible with dump beds, the rear racks by Trail Armor and Razorback Offroad are sure to tickle your fancy. They’ve got several mounting locations, anchor points, and pre-drilled holes through which you can attach things like fuel packs, gun grips, and tool clamps, and they offer a second shelf that isn’t as bulky as a full-length bed rack, but much sturdier than rear bed baskets and mini racks.

Polaris Ranger Bed Covers And Tonneau Covers

For those who aren’t stacking it up like flapjacks at IHop, Polaris Ranger tonneau covers are a great option. You can find hard-stye tonneau covers that hinge open from the back, soft tonneau covers that furl up, and semi-soft tonneau covers that fold in half. On top of this, you can even get shell-style Polaris Ranger bed covers like the ones by EMP, which are part bed cover, and part bed enclosure / bed topper.

As well as bed covers and tonneau covers, you might also want a storage cover for your Ranger to protect it against the elements. Many Polaris Ranger storage covers and travel covers, however, are designed to fit the profile of a stock Polaris Ranger bed without a rack. So if you’ve got a bed rack that’s not compatible with standard UTV covers, a larger cover such as the ones made for Honda Elements can sometimes work.

Polaris Ranger Bed Extenders And Tailgate Extenders

Your standard Polaris Ranger tailgate isn’t the strongest platform, and it's not rated to support cargo when fully extended in the downward position. But nevertheless, you can still use Polaris Ranger bed extenders and tailgate extenders to increase your bed capacity and haul larger items.

While you shouldn’t stack multiple rows of cement blocks onto your open Polaris Ranger tailgate, it should be fine if you add another row of firewood on top of it. And for deer hunting, Polaris Ranger bed extenders like the ones by Aprove will both support your tailgate and secure the bed’s perimeter so that straps and tie-downs become superfluous.

Other Polaris Ranger Bed And Tailgate Accessories

Rear bed mats for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size, Full-Size, and Crew are popular because they increase traction in the bed, protect the bed, and prevent the bed from becoming scorching hot under the summer sun. Bed winches for the Polaris Ranger can help you hoist large game up and in the bed, while Polaris Ranger bed seats will enable you to carry more passengers in a safe manner.

No two riders have the exact same needs. One Ranger owner might do well by getting an in-bed 5-gallon bucket holder like the ones by Rough Country. Other Ranger owners would be better off by simply keeping their rig in working order with replacement Polaris Ranger tailgate latches and tailgate cables. But regardless of what you do in your Ranger, you’ll be doing it better with the right Polaris Ranger bed and tailgate accessories!