Polaris Ranger Windshield Wiper Kits: What You Should Know

Feb 14th 2021

In a bid to maintain unobstructed forward visibility at all times, some Polaris Ranger owners choose to run half windshields. In this way, when things get messy and mud starts flying, the driver can simply look above the smeared-up and caked-over windshield. Half front windshields, however, don’t provide much protection against rain. And although you might still be able to see with a half windshield after a brutal mud barrage, the cleanliness of your cockpit will surely be compromised. 

To preserve a clear line of sight while simultaneously blocking mud, dust, water, and more, Polaris Ranger full windshields with wiper kits do the trick nicely. No matter how intense your rides get and regardless of the terrain, weather conditions, and other factors you encounter on or off the trail, with the support of a Polaris Ranger windshield wiper, you’ll be confident, competent, and uncompromised behind the wheel. But which Polaris Ranger windshield wiper kit should you choose? Be it for extreme effectiveness, maximum convenience, or to match the material of your UTV windshield, here are our pics for the best Polaris Ranger windshield wiper kits! 

Manual Vs Electric Polaris Ranger Windshield Wipers

Both hand-driven and motor-driven Polaris Ranger windshield wiper kits have their pros and cons. As you might expect, manual Polaris Ranger windshield wipers are much cheaper than automatic Polaris Ranger windshield wipers. In addition to the lower price tag, manual wiper blades for the Polaris Ranger are also much easier to install. Because they rely on electric motors to function, electric windshield wipers for the Polaris Ranger can be a bit of a pain to put on and wire up. And if you’re running other on-dash or above-windshield accessories like defrosters, aftermarket gauges / in-dash stereo panels, or SSV sound bars, the mounting location for a windshield wiper motor might already be occupied. 

That being said, having to operate a hand-driven windshield wiper when it’s raining cats and dogs outside can be exhausting at best, and distracting / dangerous at worst. If you’re using the front headliner space above your Polaris Ranger windshield for a sound bar, electric wiper units like the ones by MotoAlliance can be mounted at the base of the windshield. Alternatively, if your dash space is fully utilized, electric wiper and washer kits like the ones by Seizmik can be mounted near the top of the windshield. 

Glass Vs Poly Polaris Ranger Windshield Wipers

Not all windshield wiper kits for the Polaris Ranger are made for every type of windshield material. Use a wiper made for glass on a polycarbonate windshield, and scratches are likely to arise. Conversely, if you use a wiper kit designed for poly windshields on a glass windshield, cracks could develop during installation. Many windshield wiper kits for the Polaris Ranger require users to drill through their windshields. And although this is possible with standard glass windshields, it is a bit trickier with DOT windshields made from laminated safety glass. 

Polaris Ranger Windshield Wiper Length

If your Polaris Ranger windshield wiper blade is too short, you won’t get maximum coverage. On the other hand, if your Polaris Ranger windshield wiper blade is too long, it will extend past the perimeter of your windshield and lose much of its effectiveness. Not only that, but a long wiper blade is also more likely to damage either itself, or your windshield. Add factors like windshield vents and overhanging roofs, and it becomes even more important to get the right Polaris Ranger windshield wiper blade. 

Different Polaris Ranger models will require different wiper blade sizes, and the right blade length for you will also vary depending on whether the kit you choose is mounted on the top or bottom of the windshield. The top-mounted wiper kit by Seizmik uses a 14” blade to avoid vents on the lower section of the windshield, but bottom-mounted windshield wiper blades can be anywhere from 11” to 18” -- it all depends on your windshield, your vehicle model, and the mounting location of the wiper blade. 

Final Thoughts On Polaris Ranger Windshield Wipers

You might be handy enough to modify a rear windshield wiper from a tractor, Ford Escape, or other small car / SUV to work on your Polaris Ranger windshield, but why risk cracking your expensive windshield just to save a few bucks on the wipers? Even if you don’t need a Polaris Ranger windshield wiper kit with multiple speeds, adjustable arc positions, and a 12V sprayer, getting a UTV windshield wiper kit made specifically for your vehicle and windshield type is a good idea. Not only can they be installed using pre-existing holes / mounts, but wipers made expressly for Polaris Ranger side-by-sides are also less likely to damage your windshield!