Polaris General 1000 Glass Folding Windshield (Vented by RyFab

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General Vented/Folding Glass Windshield is a great addition to your vehicle and it will make it so much cooler. Not only is this amazing accessory a great extension in terms of functionality it will also add great esthetics to the vehicle that you fit it on and we guarantee that everyone will absolutely love it.
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One of the features that make this windshield unique from the others available in the market is that it folds instead of sliding. Why go for the boring option that every other car has? If you truly want to stand out and add a unique touch to your car then this foldable windshield is an investment that you will never regret. Another addition that you can make to this already amazing window is that you can ask for a custom hand operated wiper to be added to it. This is an optional feature and you can opt to keep it out of the package but we highly recommend you to consider buying it. The general windshield is fully vented and the glass that has been used in its construction is fully laminated. We make sure that you get the highest quality of the product so we don’t compromise even a little in terms of quality. It can easily fit OEM Stock Polaris.

Axles Features :

  • General windshield folds and is vented. Full laminated glass windshield.
  • Add a manual hand operated wiper Optional.
  • Fits on OEM Stock Polaris.

RyFab Front Glass Vented/Folding Windshield GW15 Care Instructions:-

  • Create a mixture of mild liquid dish soap and warm water (Recommended UTV windshield washing/cleaning solution)
  • Or use Pre-made Polaris Ranger windshield solution option: 13946
  • Take your side by side windshield cleaning solution and wash the UTV window(s), interior, and exterior
  • Only use a clean soft, micro-fiber cloth to wipe gently and do not scrub- apply very light pressure ***Do not use a paper towel and Windex***
  • Rinse UTV windshields well and air dry
  • Let dry for at 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the humidity level of your location
  • Get on that machine and have an awesome time now that you can see!!!
  • Stay safe while riding out there and check out Everything Polaris Ranger for more UTV parts and accessories

Product Fitment

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