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Dominate the Dirt: Unleashing the Power of UTV Discs with the Groundhog MAX

Aug 29th 2023

Dominate the Dirt: Unleashing the Power of UTV Discs with the Groundhog MAX

In today's fast-paced world, there's no room for slow and tedious. For those who crave speed and efficiency, there's good news: you can now combine fun, dirt-flying adventures with the important task of installing food plots. Enter the Groundhog MAX ATV/UTV disc plow. This incredible tool transforms what used to be a laborious task into a thrilling experience that maximizes your time, resources, and adventure.

Speed Meets Efficiency

When you've invested in an ATV or UTV, you definitely don't want to be dragging along at a mere 2 mph, struggling with boredom and inhaling dust. The Groundhog MAX allows you to elevate the fun factor by making exhilarating figure-8's and looping circles while reaching speeds that will keep both you and your machine cooler. The promise? An easy-to-use, do-it-yourself approach to food plot installation that's perfect for those on a tight budget.

How the Groundhog MAX Revolutionizes Plowing

The genius of the Groundhog lies in its innovative design. By leveraging the combined weight of the ATV/UTV (typically between 700 to 1500 lbs.) and the rider (around 200 lbs.), the plow achieves direct down pressure. With more down-force on “less steel” on the ground, you get a significantly more aggressive cut. The vehicle essentially rides on the plow as though it's a fifth wheel.

The real game-changer is its speed. Whereas traditional 300 lbs+ pull-behind plows trudge along at 2-3 mph, the Groundhog MAX proudly boasts plowing speeds of 5-7+ mph. This efficiency doesn't compromise the well-being of your machine, which means even smaller CC “air cooled only” machines can be used, always making sure to start off gently using the height adjustment settings.

Another feather in its cap is its adaptability. No strong square 2” receiver on your machine? Not a problem. You have the option to purchase the plow with an included hitch or get a model-specific 2” receiver hitch online. And if you're ever in doubt, a quick call to their helpline or a visit to their website can guide you in the right direction. Give us a call if you have any questions on how to pick out this receiver: 920-644-8135 or email us at We are here to help with all your Polaris Ranger food plot needs!

After plowing, seeding, and fertilizing, simply adjust the plow so it skims the ground and ride over your plot again. This replicates the action of a culti-packer, ensuring optimal soil-seed contact for a flourishing food plot.

Boundless Possibilities

With the Groundhog MAX, no terrain is off-limits. Whether it's pulp wood roads, firebreaks, swamps, or dense bushland, you can now establish food plots in places previously deemed inaccessible. This nifty tool isn't restricted to just food plots. It's versatile enough for ground disturbance for quail and turkey, gardening, landscaping, firebreaks, orchards, arenas, and even roads and driveways. Essentially, any situation where a little discing is needed, the Groundhog atv / utv plow comes to the rescue.

Since its launch in 2007, the Groundhog MAX has proven its worth with a solid track record. Replacement parts are easily available, and the comprehensive tech support ensures that users are never left in the lurch.

Final chapter in food plotting: The harvest

For sportsmen, ranchers, farmers, gardeners, and many others, the Groundhog food plot disc is a game-changer. With its unique blend of speed, efficiency, and versatility, it truly allows you to "Dominate the Dirt". So, the next time you're looking to plow, plant, or just have a dirt-flying adventure, remember the Groundhog MAX has got your back. Plow it… Plant it… Bag it!

When you harvest that amazing animal that you have been chasing all year, you will look back at all those hours you put into tearing up dirt and planting and know it has all been apart of the story of this amazing buck, ducks, or animal of your pursuit!