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Your Polaris Ranger and Rugged Radios Were Meant for Each Other, and Here’s Why

Jul 14th 2020

Where offroad-worthy protection and tech savvy engineering come together, Rugged Radios and their expansive line of communication solutions are here to make your Polaris Ranger experience the best it can possibly be. Whether you’re scouting out the best fishing hole or dashing through the dirt in a dead heat for first place, communication with your family, friends, and/or crew is critical. We’ve made sure to meet this need and more with a huge offering of 2-way communications setups, headset and intercom interfaces, and more—all brought to your Polaris Ranger by Rugged Radios. 

No crew is too big or small for a Rugged Radios system. Whether you need a pair of powerful 5-watt VHF/UHF handheld radios or a more comprehensive intercom system compatible with helmet kits and music-compatible 3.5mm ports, we have made sure to curate the finest offerings from their huge collection so that you can stop hopping from site to site and make an informed, confident investment in the perfect product for your team. We’ve got 2-user and 4-user offers and a plethora of features to boot.

Even better, you can now settle the age-old dilemma of “music vs. communication” in your Polaris Ranger by simply having them both! That’s right, each intercom system is equipped with a 3.5mm port so you can keep the music pumping, AND you the system will mute it for you when the intercom is in use. What’s more, these systems are designed to comply with a huge array of devices, and they’ve been battle-tested by tons of satisfied racers everywhere.

All this would be for not if you had to struggle with chafing and irritation, which is why Rugged Radios makes sure that their Polaris Ranger rides are as comfortable as possible. Select from a broad offering of headsets, including helmet sets, conventional headphones, or headsets that fit on the back of your head to ensure maximum comfort. 

Of course, you don’t always have the luxury of radioing back to the same exact location every time. Depending on the nature of your work (or play), you may find yourself in need of a system that allows you to transmit to another car or to a temporary camp. Thanks to their user-focused philosophy, Rugged Radios has designed long-range solutions for both of these scenarios, which even come integrated with push-to-talk functionality and ergonomically friendly hand microphones. 

We don’t normally do this, but we’re so excited about the Polaris Ranger H42 2-Way Headset w/ PTT by Rugged Radios, that we can’t help but admit it—it’s our favorite. You get absolutely everything you want in a comms system without bulky equipment or compromised power. This 2-way headset sports a DNC microphone and Clear Hear speakers for crystal clear sound on both ends, waterproof push-to-talk integration, music-compatible jack, intuitive volume control, and so much more. It’s a highly sophisticated comms system that you can wear!

Simply put, there is no other vendor out there that delivers the quality, durability, and practicality of Rugged Radios. If you have a Polaris Ranger and you need a communications system of any kind, then you will benefit from a Rugged Radios system.