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​Working The Soil With Polaris Ranger Big Buck And Small Buck Disc Plow Systems

Feb 15th 2023

​Working The Soil With Polaris Ranger Big Buck And Small Buck Disc Plow Systems

Whether you’re wanting to turn up a few food plots at your hunting lease, or grow some organic produce to sell at the local farmer’s market, the Polaris Ranger Big Buck 8-disc plows and Polaris Ranger Small Buck 6-disc plows by Battle Armor Designs are two amazing solutions for cutting, pitching, and preparing soil for cultivation.

Why Use A Battle Armor Designs Disc Plow?

While tractors, combines, and heavy-duty rotary tillers will make easy work out of large-scale agricultural endeavors, the Big Buck and Small Buck disc plows will work the ground every bit as well as their larger counterparts… and perhaps even better! They’re small and nimble, which enables users to hit those hard-to-reach areas. If your lanes are tight and narrow, a Battle Armor Designs disc plow can actually be faster than the alternatives because you don’t have to constantly crank / lift them up before turning around for the next swath. With a Big Buck disc plow, you can keep on rolling while you curve, twist, and turn!

Another benefit to Polaris Ranger disc plows like the Big Buck and Small Buck is that you’ve got ample traction and power to plow uphill. Then, once the job is done, you can easily transport them on rough terrain and remove them with the pull of a pin! Compared to renting or buying a tractor and tiller, it’s far more economical to get a UTV disc plow system! Furthermore, there are many situations where tractors are overkill, and like Goldilocks, tow-behind Polaris Ranger disc plow attachments are neither too big nor too small, but rather, they’re just right!

Unlike other Polaris Ranger disc plows, you don’t have to add heavy weights to the discing implements by Battle Armor Designs. Plus, the Big Buck and Small Buck discs won't affect your rig’s turning radius like many other disc plows do. The Buck series disc plows can also be locked in an upright position for easy transport, which makes them perfect for remote food plots and hunting leases that are inaccessible with larger pieces of equipment.

How’s The Ground Penetration With A Big Buck / Small Buck Disc Plow?

Pull-behind disc plows for the Polaris Ranger work exceptionally well in soft ground, but the ones by Battle Armor Designs can also be used to cut raw ground as well. So regardless of whether your plot has been ripped up and plowed several times in the past, or if you’re turning up virgin soil, the single-row Big Buck and Small Buck disc plows can handle it – although you might have to do a few circles and figure-eights to create an optimal seed bed!

One caveat with any type of disc plow is that they tend to struggle in situations where the ground is rocky or full of thick red clay. But even in scenarios such as these, you can often get decent results from a disc plow so long as you use it the correct way!

The Proper Way To Use A UTV Disc Plow

Whether you’re tilling, churning, or chopping, you never want to be too gung-ho on the first pass with a disc plow. Instead, you should ease into it with a small amount of pressure at first, and then increase the downward force applied during subsequent passes. Not only is this easier on the plow, but it’ll also reduce the likelihood of a bent hitch receiver.

Disc plows like the Big Buck and Small Buck also work better the faster you go. And this should go without saying, but make sure that you’re in four-wheel-drive when using a side-by-side disc plow. Also, on fresh patches of land, you might want to eliminate the existing foliage with something like Roundup or other weed killers before disking. And if you can wait until after a rainstorm to plow, you might get better results!

Manual Vs Hydraulic Polaris Ranger Disc Plows

While some riders choose to use hydraulic Polaris Ranger disc plows, these often require 3-point hitches, and they’re much more expensive than a 1-point disc plow. If you hate walking to the back of your machine every now and then to adjust your plow, a hydraulic option might be better for you. But even with a hydraulic plow, it still helps to get a visual of the unit when adjusting its height. Once you hit that sweet spot, however, you can move some serious dirt with a Big Buck or Small Buck disc plow!

Concluding Thoughts

In addition to a disc plow, you might also benefit from other UTV agricultural implements like S-tine cultivators, spreaderscultipackers, and seed drills. At the end of the day, though, it all depends on what you’re doing, your budget, and the amount of labor you’re willing to put in. But irrespective of your end goal, we guarantee that you’ll be happy with either of the disc plow implements by Battle Armor Designs!