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Battle of the Beasts: Ranger XD 1500 vs. XPEDITION XP – Who Wears the Crown

Oct 20th 2023

Battle of the Beasts: Ranger XD 1500 vs. XPEDITION XP – Who Wears the Crown

Polaris just dropped a new superstar in their galaxy of rides! So, how does it shine compared to its stellar sibling Get ready as we jet through the universe of the Ranger XD 1500 and the XPEDITION XP, zooming in on the Northstar editions. Ready to find your starship

Price and Gizmos: Looking at the price tag, a mere $500 separates these two titans. But, if you’re feeling a bit more "Bling-Bling", splurging an extra $5,000 on the Ranger 1500 XD's Ultra Package will get you a nifty tilt-up windshield (which the XPEDITION flaunts as a standard), a bulkier bumper, and, wait for it... heated thrones (seats)!

Mission & Gadgets: Got heavy-duty tasks The Ranger XD1500 is your mighty workhorse! It even comes with a cool 7-foot snow plow powered by a beastly 6000lb Polaris winch. It's almost like having a superhero sidekick!

Cargo Kingdom: If you don’t need a fortress for your cargo, either ride is regal. But, if you’re all about that sealed cargo life, the XPEDITION’s ADV model has an enclosed realm that, when you knock its throne (back seats) down, beats the Ranger’s by seven inches. Beware though, the ADV doesn’t tilt and is a tad shy in carrying treasures.

Epic Tale of Specs:

  • Engine Roar: Ranger’s Triple 1498cc engine pumps out a hearty 110hp, but XPEDITION's Twin 999cc is close with 114hp. The twist XPEDITION’s power-per-pound is like a swift elf: 24 lbs per hp, leaving Ranger’s 30 lbs per hp in the dust.
  • Gearing Up: Ranger rocks a SteelDrive auto CVT; XPEDITION grooves with a Rubber Band auto CVT.
  • Size Showdown: Ranger's the bulky knight at 3323 lb and a 127” wheelbase, while XPEDITION’s the agile archer, weighing 2740 lb with a 117” stance.
  • Cargo & Tug Wars: Ranger flexes with a 1500 lb cargo prowess, overshadowing XPEDITION's 600 lb. As for towing, Ranger pulls like a champ with 3500 lb, while XPEDITION trails at 2000 lb.
  • Gold Coins: XPEDITION XP Northstar is a tad easier on the pockets at $44,000, while Ranger XD 1500 Premium Northstar demands $44,500.

Finale: 2024’s XPEDITION XP, tailor-made for adventure junkies, is many folks' new crush. However, your heart's desire depends on your quests and dreams. If cargo, comfort, and towing reign supreme, the Ranger calls out to you. But if agility, efficiency, and a sweeter deal enchant you, XPEDITION might just be your new steed.

For tales and legends (read: reviews) captured on tape, soar over to the video review of the 2024 Polaris XPEDITION XP and Ranger XD1500's detailed scrolls on Polaris's grand hall (website).