Single Person Race Systems

The Polaris Ranger Mid-Size is by no means the Formula 1 vehicle of the side-by-side world. But that shouldn't stop you from racing your machine. After all, you bought it, so do with it what you wish. However, if you are racing in your Mid-Size ranger, you should never go without a single person race system. Sure you might not match an RZR in terms of raw power and speed without significant and costly engine modifications -- not to mention other alterations to the vehicle's drivetrain -- but you can be easily on par with regards to racing communication gear. Even the best machines driven by race-hardened drivers can lose to someone with the power of his or her entire team behind them. As the old adage goes, two heads are better than one, and five heads are better than two. And nowhere is this more obvious than on the race track. Without a single person race system in your Mid-Size Polaris Ranger, you won't be able to notify your pit crew when you're approaching a specific landmark. Furthermore, your spotter can't notify you of what he or she sees up ahead, and your team leader can't chime in with any helpful advice, tips, or suggestions. You may still take the occasional podium position without the use of a single person race communication system, but you're significantly disadvantaged without one.

Unlike receivers alone, a complete single person communication kit for racing allows the driver to not only receive voice communications, but also send them. A single person comm system for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size comes with both driver-side and crew-side communication setups, which include headsets, earbuds, handheld radios, and all the required hardware and wiring to make both sides of the system work flawlessly. You can use them on the race track during a competition, then retrofit your single person race system for use in the field when joy riding or using your Mid-Size Ranger for other applications. For the best single person race systems, Mid-Size Polaris Ranger owners know that Everything Polaris Ranger has their back.

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