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When it comes to Polaris Ranger Mid-Size communication accessories, the cellular telephone just doesn’t cut it. Sure your iPhone might work alright when you have cell service, but for the riders who want to touch base with their comrades hundreds of miles from civilization, specialized UTV communications devices are definitely a better bet. CB radios and HAM radios are good, but you must keep in mind that if nobody nearby is on your frequency, it may not do any good in the event of emergencies. And with such devices, you might be doing illegal stuff and not even realizing it. Places like Amazon have been selling very low-cost Baofeng handheld amateur radios that are capable of being programmed and used on frequencies they shouldn’t be used on. Most buyers haven’t realized it and it’s caused problems at times.

Many Mid-Size Ranger owners on the East Coast looking to communicate in their side-by-sides use UHF radios programmed to the 22 FRS GMRS channels. And while FRS is limited to handheld radios with non-removable antennas with a max of 2 watts, FRS is for “monitoring” only; GMRS can be used up to 50w with a valid GMRS license. Some would argue that using a 25W mobile device just to “monitor” the airwaves is only a way to cover that fact that the use is violating FCC regulations, but in many places such as Canada and other places outside the US, no such license is required for GMRS/FRS regardless of power. Either way, if in doubt, having a HAM radio license is always handy. In the States, a GMRS license is $70 for 10 years and covers everyone in your household. No test or anything like that are required, and it allows you to use GMRS up to 50w. If nothing else, things like walkie talkies are quite practical, easy to use, and don’t require much knowledge to own and operate. But whatever communications accessory you’re looking for, be it as simple as two cans and a string or as complex as dual-band radio and antenna setup, here at Everything Polaris Ranger we’ve got em all!

1 - 36 of 322 products

1 - 36 of 322 products

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