From two-way radios for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size 500 to intercom kits with Bluetooth headsets for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size 570, all of your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size communication problems can be solved with the off-road communication accessories from Everything Polaris Ranger. Find the right products to fix any Polaris Ranger Mid-Size communication errors you’re experiencing, or pick up a complete Polaris Ranger Mid-Size communication system and never become disconnected from the ones you love around you!

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When it comes to Polaris Ranger Mid-Size communication accessories, things like cellular telephones just don’t cut it. Sure, your iPhone might work reasonably well when you have cell service, but for riders who want to stay in touch when they’re hundreds of miles from civilization, specialized Polaris Ranger Mid-Size communications devices are far superior. Polaris Ranger Mid-Size CB radios and HAM radios are good, but you must keep in mind that if nobody nearby is on the same frequency, your comm devices may do little good in the event of an emergency. And with some programmable Polaris Ranger Mid-Size radios, you might be unknowingly conducting illegal activities without even meaning to. You can find products like Baofeng handheld amateur radios that are capable of transmitting on restricted bandwidths / frequencies, which can cause problems by interfering with official agencies like the Police, the Forest Service, and your local Fire Department! But don’t worry, because we’ll help you out with Polaris Ranger Mid-Size communication accessories that are 100% legal to own and operate!

Many riders on the East Coast use Polaris Ranger Mid-Size UHF radios programmed to run on one of the 22 FRS / GMRS channels in the 462-467 megahertz range. And while FRS is limited to handheld radios with non-removable antennas and a max power of 2 watts, it’s not illegal to use restricted channels for monitoring only. Similarly, Polaris Ranger Mid-Size GMRS radios with a maz power of 50 watts can be operated by those with a valid GMRS license. Some might say that using a 25-watt mobile device just to “monitor” the airwaves is nothing more than a way to circumvent the FCC regulations, but in countries like Canada as well as other places outside the USA, no such license is required to transmit on specific channels -- regardless of the power output. Either way, if in doubt, having a HAM radio license is always handy. Currently in the US, a GMRS license is $70 for 10 years and covers everyone in your household. No test is required, and it allows you to use the GMRS channels with a 50-watt transmitter. If nothing else, things like Polaris Ranger Mid-Size walkie talkies are quite practical, easy to use, and don’t require much knowledge to own and operate. But whatever Polaris Ranger Mid-Size communications accessories you’re looking for, be it as simple as two cans and a string or as complex as dual-band radio with an NGP antenna, here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got it all!

Be it for everyday Polaris Ranger Mid-Size owners looking to communicate easier within their rig, or those with HAM radio licenses that know their way around a radio, Everything Polaris Ranger is here with Polaris Ranger Mid-Size radios and radio kits for riders of all walks of life. We have in-dash communication radio kits, above-dash Polaris Ranger Mid-Size radio kits, and below dash radio kits to keep things looking clean and uncluttered. Use a radio kit with a hand mic, or plug in a headset with a built-in microphone to chat hands free. Something like a 2m/70cm VHF/UHF radio is perfect for on-trail comms. And if you think you might not be able to hear your communication radio over the sound of your music, you can put a dedicated speaker right between the headrests. Alternatively, you can also use an intercom with auto-dimming functionality to quiet your tunes when there are incoming communication signals on specific channels.

Radios are great for long-range, bike-to-bike, communications, but when modified engines, loud exhausts, and fast-pace riding start to make in-cab chit-chat difficult, you can overcome the noise with a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size intercom. Whether you're in need of directions from your wife in the passenger seat, or you're tired of yelling at your hard-of-hearing friend in the back every time you need something from the cooler, an intercom in your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size will solve all your in-cab UTV communication issues. With in-vehicle intercoms from leading side-by-side communication specialists like PCI and Rugged Radios, you can bet your bottom dollar that the intercoms here at Everything Polaris Ranger will satisfy all your communication needs. Install one on your dashboard and then plug in a carbon fiber headset, or get a portable UTV intercom and pair it with your in-helmet communication kit. For the best Polaris Ranger Mid-Size intercoms, Polaris Ranger Mid-Size radios, and other Polaris Ranger Mid-Size communication accessories, nowhere has the quality and quantity of options that are available at Everything Polaris Ranger!

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