Race Air Pumper System

In dry areas, sucking dust while riding in a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size can be unbearable. Tack on overwhelming heat, pestering insects, and noxious exhaust fumes and it's enough to detract from even the best riding experience. Things like vented windshields and rear windscreens can help a bit, but for those who want full-blown protection from dust and debris, the only way to go is with a race air pumper system. While race air pumper systems for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size are typically used for racing applications, many riders use them on leisure rides or even when working. Through the use of fresh air pumps, air lines, and specialized air pumper helmets, race air pumper systems not only stop dust from blasting your face and getting into your eyes, ears, nose and mouth, but they also cool the wearer down with filtered and refreshing air. Whether you're ripping it up in the desert, tooling down a dusty dirt road, or riding behind your buddy whose machine is running a little too rich, with a fresh air pumper system in your Mid-Size Ranger, you'll be cool as a cucumber all day long.

Why half-ass your riding getup with goggles and a balaclava when you can ride in comfort with a fresh air pumper in your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size? Even with a full cab enclosure, dust can still infiltrate your side-by-side through gaps, slits, and holes under the dash. But the battle against heat and dust is not a futile one, because with a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size race air pumper system, you can assert your dominance over Mother Nature and keep your face safe, sound, and dust free. Get one for the missus when she tags along for a ride, or get one for personal use. Whatever you do, however, for the best price and quality, get your fresh air pumper setup from Everything Polaris Ranger. You won't be disappointed!

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