Offroad Short Course

When you're tearing it up the Offroad short course in your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size, you need to be honed in and focused on the race, not distracted by your communication setup. Even the best multitasking riders don't have the mental capacity to both drive, and mess around with communication equipment. However, communicating when you're in the heat of competition is vital. Unknown hazards and terrain conditions can be thwarted through communication with a spotter, and mechanical issues can be overcome after a quick chat with your team mechanic. Irrespective of the reason, it's never a bad idea to have a solid communication link with your racing crew, especially when there are prizes, trophies, bragging rights, and glory on the line. Nothing is for certain on the Offroad short course, and if you're all by your lonesome in your Ranger Mid-Size without an Off-Road short course communication system, you are at risk of losing seconds -- which might just be enough to lose you the race. Whether you're competing at the first round of the stadium short course circuit at San Bernardino's Glen Helen raceway, or doing some short course racing at Fox Raceway in Pala California, don't begin a race or competitive driving match without a short course communication system in your Mid-Size Ranger.

No racing side-by-side can be considered finished without a well-fitting communication device. However not any old communication device can perform as expected. A well-functioning, short course-specific communication system needs to come with a microphone and in-helmet speakers or earbuds for hands-free use. Voice-activated transmission is another element of an off-road short course system that many riders look for. This allows the driver to avoid the use of momentary switches such as PTT devices, which consumes time as well as brainpower and adds an element of distraction during a race. In addition to using voice-operated exchange mics, reducing delays should also be a priority for off road short course racers. After all, if it takes a few seconds for you to transmit a question, a few more seconds for your team to answer said question, and more seconds till before the message is received by your communication receiver, you may have already passed or got thwarted by the very thing you were asking about. If you're racing on the off road short course and doing so to win, you'll never be a consistent champion without adopting an off road short course communication system in your Mid-Size Ranger. 

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