Mounting Solutions

When it comes to mounting solutions for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size, Everything Polaris Ranger is your one-stop shop. We have all the popular mounting styles for all the popular electronic devices -- for both in-cab and external accessories. Our brackets for communication radios and intercoms, for example, are great, but without things like headphone hangers, your cab might still get cluttered. Thankfully, for all the anal-retentive neat freaks out there, we've got all the best Polaris Ranger Mid-Size mounting solutions to keep your devices safe and secure, your wires kempt and out of the way, and all your gadgets, switches, and buttons right where you want them. Aftermarket switch panels, for example, are the perfect solution for mounting rocker switches on the top of your dash, on your roof, or on the center console of your Mid-Size Ranger. Similarly, we have GPS mounts for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size that are made to fit this machine specifically, putting your GPS unit within easy eyeshot and adjacent to your dominant hand.

While strong rare-earth magnets can be used to mount some accessories onto the roll cage and other ferrous parts of your Mid-Size Ranger, the delicate nature of electronic accessories such as communication equipment, phones, and navigation units calls for other forms of mounting solutions. A good mounting solution should hold your accessories firm, yet not too tightly as this might damage the device. Vibrations should also be taken into consideration. If your electronics aren't made for off-road use, a gimbal-type mounting mechanism should be used to reduce shaking and unwanted oscillations. Using an unobtrusive mounting solution is always a plus, and mounts that utilize factory cubbies and holes will help you to avoid drilling new holes in your machine. Ram mounts are popular for cell phones and navigational tablets, and they offer a variety of mounting accessories -- from flex rods and ball mounts to snap links and swinging arms. But regardless of what you're trying to mount and where you're trying to mount it, we've got the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size mounting solutions for you!

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