Helmet Kits

It doesn't matter why you wear a helmet in your Polaris Ranger Mid-Size -- be it to protect your face from briars and branches that come into the cab, or to protect your cranium from bumping into the roll cage -- let's face it, helmets are not the most convenient safety accessory our there. Sure some styles of UTV helmets can keep dust out of your face and dampen the sound of high-decibel engine noise, but these same features also make it difficult to hear and communicate when wearing these types of helmets. However, with a helmet kit from Everything Polaris Ranger, you can equip your full-face helmet, your 3/4 helmet, and even your half-shell helmet with audio and communication capabilities. The UTV communication helmet kits you'll find here can attach easily into most styles of helmets. So whether you're sporting a motocross helmet, a rock climbing helmet, or a helmet made for snowmobiling, we've got the audio kit to convert it into a communication helmet. You'll no longer need to remove and replace your helmet every time your wife asks you a question. You'll no longer have to suffer from annoying earbuds or earpieces that aren't made to be helmet-compatible. For both music and communication, any Polaris Ranger Mid-Size owner that wears a helmet should install an off-road helmet kit in it.

We have NASCAR-style helmet kits similar to the ones used by professional race-car drivers. We have IMSA-style helmet kits that are frequently used in races like the Daytona Prototype International. But not only are our helmet kits perfect for racing applications, but they're also useful to communicate with your riding buddies or to simply play music when you're cruising along. And because they can sync wirelessly with any phone, intercom, or communication radio, you'll never get tangled up in a mess of wires when you ride. For sound quality, comfort, and a solid install that won't come loose or jostle around when you ride your Mid-Size UTV, a helmet audio kit from Everything Polaris Ranger is the way to go.

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