GPS Units

Whether you're looking for a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size GPS to bring to the desert and mark specific trails, or you're wanting a GPS that is waterproof, floats, and is SD card compatible, with the help of Everything Polaris Ranger, you'll be able to track down and obtain any GPS unit with any functionality you desire. The Garmin Montana 650 is a popular GPS for the Polaris Ranger Mid-Size because you can upload birds-eye-view maps onto it of the areas you ride most. Be it the Hatfield McCoy and WV Outlaw trails or the Taylor Park trail network in Colorado, simply download a map of the area you're about to ride and upload it straight to your GPS via your computer. It will then display all the forest roads, trails, and other UTV-accessible zones in that area. Some GPS units even have WiFi, so you can access the web directly. Add to this the fact that most Mid-Size Polaris Ranger GPS units come with a mount to hold the GPS on your dash, keep it within reach, and maintain its charge, and you've got a ready-to-use GPS that will leave you with zero complaints.

Meet all of your off-road navigational needs with a portable or fixed GPS from Everything Polaris Ranger. Not only do the GPS units we offer track your machine's positioning on-screen and in real time, but most of them also show trail difficulty ratings, display popular waypoints in the area, and allow you to drop pins of your own for the way back or future rides. Even if you're a navigational savant with a photographic memory, a GPS can still prove beneficial by providing you with speed and distance metrics -- which allow you to more accurately calculate your machine's fuel efficiency more precisely test and calibrate the performance gains of the various aftermarket accessories and modifications you've installed on your UTV. So if you're terrified of getting lost in the woods, if you need to mark specific locations for work purposes, or if you want more information to assess the performance of your rig, a Polaris Ranger Mid-Size GPS can do all of that and then some.

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