Earbuds and Helmet Speakers

If you're not a fan of bulky headsets or just want a better alternative to AirPods when wearing a UTV helmet, you've come to the right page. Here at Everything Polaris Ranger, we're proud to offer Mid-Size Polaris Ranger owners a diverse range of earbud styles and helmet speakers. Whether you need them for communication purposes on a crowded trail or job site, or for entertainment purposes when riding recreationally, our earbuds and helmet speakers will work with any GPS, intercom, shortwave radio, or MP3 player. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for Mid-Size accessories like tires and clutch kits, so why would you expect it to be any different for earbuds and helmet speakers. For the casual Polaris Ranger Mid-Size rider who doesn't need anything fancy, basic foam earbuds with the standard AUX plug should do just fine. You can stick them into your phone to make calls or listen to music, or jam them into your VHF radio for better sound quality when receiving voice communications. For Mid-Size Ranger owners with a lot of disposable income -- or oddly-shaped ear passages -- custom-molded earbuds can be made to fit your ears exactly.

Many earbuds can work either with or without a helmet on. However, a better solution for all the unwavering helmet wearers out there is a helmet speaker kit. Unlike earbuds, which protrude beyond the plane of your ears and cause discomfort when wearing tightly-fitting helmets, helmet speakers are designed to work with the helmet, not against it. They are typically flat and circular, and instead of going inside your ear, helmet speakers rest on the ear's exterior. Just like earbuds, you can find helmet speakers that are either wired or wireless, using bluetooth or standard cables to deliver sound under your helmet and directly to your ears. Whatever your particular case may be, if you like to listen to music when you ride or if you need to communicate on the race track or on the trail, some earbuds or helmet speakers from Everything Polaris Ranger are sure to do the trick.

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